Looking Back: Search was on for BOE superintendent

Published 12:01 am Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Twenty years ago, in 1998, there were several items that made the newspaper. The issue of contamination came up at Northview High School. People who had children attending the school were very concerned because of some contamination on the site of the school. Later on that month, soil tests were to be performed on the site in


When my husband was working in Atmore, he was given an award by the school and I went down for the presentation. I found it to be a very nice school and the kids were just great. My husband employed some of the students who went there. He always said that the kids from Northview were extraordinary.

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A middle school student was struck by a car as he was riding a bicycle. The driver of the car was distracted by the fact that he was checking the floorboard for cigarettes.

Bank robbers in Frisco City were not very smart. They robbed the bank and left on foot. They were found later in a nearby house.

Escambia County, Fla., residents were upset over the possible rezoning of the northern part of the county.

A search was on for a BOE superintendent after the resignation of Curtis Ray Parker.

While working on the roof of the Atmore Library, workers discovered major damage and found that they would have to re-roof the whole library.

The new “The Meadows” opened its doors in Atmore with 16 units available.

Last, but not least, some fun prices at local grocery stores showed that Winn-Dixie had ground beef for 88 cents a pound and a whole sliced pork loin for $1.37 a pound.