Looking Back: 50 years ago, Helton’s Tire had big sale

Published 12:01 am Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Fifty years ago, there were several items that caught my attention in the 1968 edition of The Atmore Advance.

Helton’s Tire and Appliances had a big sale on televisions. Prices started at $299.95.

I noticed from the ad that they were still not giving the size of the screen yet. I guess that is something that came later.

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This came as a blast from the past. Some of you young people won’t remember, but there used to be something called the Selective Service.

In May of 1968, there were 25 young men from Escambia County to be called to help fill the state’s Selective Service. In other words, 25 men were due to be drafted into the military.

A&P had a big sale with four pints of strawberries for 89 cents; cherry pie for 53 cents; and steak for 79 cents a pound.

Magic Chek had two pounds of bacon for 98 cents. That is a big difference today when 2 pounds of bacon will cost more like $8.

Rachel Patterson Elementary School’s teacher, Doris Van Pelt’s fifth grade class dressed up as characters from Walt Disney films in tribute to Walt who died in 1966.

There was a photograph on the front page of The Atmore Advance of W.

S. “Bill” O’Neal with his pineapple he grew. The plant was given to him by Roy Freeman, who got it in Hawaii two years before.

A dedication and tours were held for the $4.5 million, C.H. Masland Carpet and Sons factory in Atmore. Lots of photographs of the plant were in the newspaper. Lots of executives came to town for the dedication and celebration of the company’s 102nd year. There were also lots of ads of welcome to Masland.

Governor Lurleen B. Wallace died in her sleep and Albert Brewer, the lieutenant governor, was sworn in.