Looking Back: Do you watch the History Channel?

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, June 13, 2018

In The Atmore Advance, in 1983, was an article questioning a recent story about the finding of Adolf Hitler’s diary.

The Advance and other newspapers were very sure that the whole diary was a fake.

All of this about Hitler reminded me of some things I have recently seen on television.

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Do you watch the Travel Channel, the Discovery Channel or the History channel? Well, I do. Most of what is on television isn’t appealing to me (at least that is the way I see it). I have found that there are some very interesting things on those channels that I watch on a regular basis.

When I was a little girl, my daddy was convinced that Hitler did not die in a bunker in Berlin at the end of World War II.  Well, I never paid much attention, but a couple of years ago, the History Channel ran a special and it seems to me that my dad may have been right. I like to watch a television show, “Expedition Unknown” on the Travel Channel and they are now investigating the possibility of Hitler faking his

death, and flying to Argentina. The belief is that he went right on with his crazy work and planned to make a comeback. All of it makes sense and I can just see my dad agreeing.

Escambia Academy was having an open house for all interested parties.

Atmore was seeking a grant for a softball complex and they added a second police dog to the police department.

The City of Atmore passed an ordinance to prevent drivers from splashing rainwater on people on the sidewalk. That one is almost as funny as the one passed in Brewton after the flood of 1929. An ordinance was passed that one could not drive a motor boat down the street. Sounds funny but it seems the motors caused a backwash that

was breaking store windows as they passed by.

Some things that seem so strange really make good sense sometimes.