Looking Back: Summer of 1998 was an interesting time

Published 12:02 am Wednesday, June 20, 2018

The summer of 1998 had some interesting things happening.

Just 20 years ago was when engineers had come to Northview High School to take soil samples to check for contamination. Looking through several weeks, I can’t seem to find something telling me what happened with the samples. Did they find anything?

Milford Lassiter was hunting in the woods when he was confronted by a rattlesnake, coiled and ready to strike. He quickly shot the snake and cut his rattles off. A week or so later, he and a friend were hunting in the same area, when his companion was confronted by a snake, which he dispatched with a quick shot. When the two men looked closely at the dead snake, they found that it had no rattles. Lassiter said his

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first shot must have just stunned the snake and his friend’s shot finished him off, which meant he had cut the rattles off a live snake.

That makes me tremble to even think about. I don’t like live snakes, dead snakes or even sticks that look like snakes.

The Escambia Academy girls softball team won the state championship. A truck was stolen from the parking lot of Staff Chevrolet and was

discovered in Georgia. There was an arrest make in the case.

The City of Atmore approved a computer system for the Atmore Police Department.

It seems as if computers have been around forever, but I guess it wasn’t so long ago.

A keen-eyed neighbor’s tip led to the arrest of a burglar that was suspected in several other burglaries in the area.

Touch 1 laid off 143 employees after the decision of WorldCom to cancel its contract.

Bennie Lee Lucas was on trial for the murder of his stepson, Brandon Austin Lee Steele (age two). He was charged with two counts of capital murder. His wife, Leigh Ann Griffey Lucas, had already been found guilty of causing the death of the child by not seeking needed medical treatment. Lucas was later found guilty and got life without parole, the same as his wife.