Looking Back: A Champion Tree was dedicated near here

Published 12:01 am Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Fashion news stated that dresses were making a come back. Dresses were back in vogue 35 years ago in 1983.

Of course I never knew they left the fashion scene. Now when I was a little girl, that is all we wore. In fact, the first jeans worn by girls back in the day were remodeled from big brother’s jeans. My clothing, as I have told you before, was mostly hand me downs and my “cow feed sack” dresses. My cousins were not only bigger than me; they were older, so I got all their left over clothes. I was not too proud to wear them either. I remember one that was white that had green dots with straps tied on the shoulder. It was almost shocking. Every time I wore it, it rained, so therefore that dress became known as the “rain dress.”

You probably think I lived in squalor, but I didn’t. We just spent as little as possible. Anyway, what did we know about how poor we were?

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It was that time of year again for everyone to drag out their canning supplies for pear and fig preserves. I don’t remember the pears so much, but I loved those figs. I loved them raw and preserved.

A firefighter was suspected as having committed arson. Sheriff Tim Hawsey suspected it also. He said they had more arson fires and the narcotics problems were getting worse. Governor Wallace posted a $5,000 reward for anyone who could give information leading to an arrest.

A 5-year-old little girl drowned in a pool at Best Western Motel. She was staying at the motel with her parents and had been playing near the pool for a while.

The Atmore merchants Association was planning its third annual fashion show at the Atmore Country Club.

Eleven inmates escaped from Holman Prison after cutting through a chain Link fence.

According to Police Chief Bill Smith, the law against tinted windows would not be enforced because it was too vague.

A Champion Tree (Baldcypress) was dedicated near Parker Bridge.

Lastly, a meeting of the John Birch Society was to be held. How long since you heard that name?

“Mr. Mom” was playing at the Strand Theatre.