Annual gathering one to remember

Published 12:03 am Wednesday, August 22, 2018

The trees swayed back and forth in a rhythmic fashion as water glistened off of their green leaves.

Last weekend, for the better part of three-and-a-half days, a small group of men got together for their annual trip.

Activities from the trip included sitting around talking, a short golf outing and fine dinners at the house and at a Mexican restaurant.

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One can get lost high up in the hills of the mountains and come back a different person.

That seemed to be the theme of one of the man’s ride back.

The long drive through Atlanta and then back home was a good time to reflect on the past few days, and what they meant to him.

The sounds of laughing, arguing and the occasional moment of silence ran across his mind.

On a typical night at the house, the sunset is a highlight. The sunset wasn’t a big part of the trip, sadly, but one of the men made sure to get what he could capture. Even the misty mountains show their beauty in a way.

The weather was hot during the day, and cool in the evenings, when things started to wind down.

Even as the trip went on, one of the men didn’t want this trip to end. The trip was that special to him.

And it’s even more special to him that he got to share his thoughts on the annual gathering.