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Williams Station Day nears, I’m getting ready

Williams Station Day nears.

It wasn’t that long ago that I experienced my first WSD here in Atmore.

In 2015, when I first started my tenure at The Atmore Advance, mere curiosity drove me to the event, along with having to take pictures for the newspaper, of course.

That first event took me back to those mid-March weekends in Fairhope when the city by the bay held its annual Arts and Crafts festival.

Much like Fairhope’s celebration, WSD had vendors lined up and down Pensacola Avenue on either side.

Vendors sold their different crafts, wares or other items to visitors alike.

I don’t remember much specifically about that day, but what I do recall is the amount of people pattering the street.

Walking up and down Pensacola Avenue several times, the crowd didn’t let up throughout the day.

Three years later, we’re on the cusp of another annual celebration.

This year is going to be special for William Goff, a descendant of William Larkin Williams. Williams tied his pony to a certain tree, which had the name Williams Station Day.

Goff will be given the key to the city during the opening ceremonies and his family will be honored.

Atmore was named Williams Station Day before its current namesake.

Another aspect of WSD that I really enjoy is the renaming of the city.

Mayor Jim Staff, in all of his excitedness, reads a proclamation to rename Atmore its namesake just for the day WSD falls on. I’ll always remember the boisterousness of Staff’s voice during my first experience.

Bring it on Williams Station Day festival.

I, along with the many visitors who will be here on Saturday, are ready.