Looking Back: A fight broke out at a football game in Atmore

Published 12:01 am Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Twenty-five years ago, in 1983, brutality charges were brought against two Atmore police officers over an incident at the Flamingo Club. The officers said they will fight the charges.

The outcome of a football game fight that occurred recently was to have all fans who participated in the fight to be escorted out of the stadium as soon as they were identified.

Big changes were happening with television cable. It was announced that the previous 11 channels were to be increased to 14 available channels.

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Halloween was just around the corner and costumes were picked out for the big celebration. K-Mart was advertising sales on all the costumes.

The proposed interchange of Jack Springs Road and Interstate 65 got the approval of the Federal Highway Administration.

The bridge over the railroad track at Canoe was not to be repaired. Instead the bridge was to be replaced with a new bridge and some straightening out of the deep curve where the road crosses the track. I know where this one is and I am glad it was changed. It was a pretty sharp curve.

Parents were warned to keep three-wheelers off the road. Those who chose to disregard this warning would have to face the consequences. I have never understood why owners of these vehicles are allowed on the road. I can see their usefulness, but not on public roadways.

The City of Atmore had 11 new Christmas ornaments to hang out for decoration. At a cost of $250 each, the 11 ornaments was probably to be replacements for old ones. But $250 each! That seems a little bit steep to me.

Travis Jared Guy (three) won the Halloween costume contest. He was the son of Danny and Brenda Guy.

Leon’s had a grand opening. They had blazers for $19.90 and Levi’s for $17.90. Not too bad.

Russell Oyer was murdered in his place of business, Oyer Insurance Agency. Atmore citizens were shocked by the events surrounding the killing.