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Looking Back: Lewinsky, Yogi Bear among write-in candidates

Twenty years ago, in 1998, members of the Poarch Creek Tribal Council met to begin proceedings against Council Chairman Eddie Tullis.

Members of the council had been working on what they considered a need to get Tullis out of his position.

Rumors were flying about a new Rite-Aid to open in Atmore.

Bridge construction closed the Rigby Road. It was supposed to be closed until Nov. 6.

Pat Lindsey and Danny Joyner were running for District 22 state senator. According to the ads in The Atmore Advance by Joyner, Lindsey opposed the Confederate Flag and Joyner supported.

Others in the election were Skippy White against George Aust which White won.

U.S. Rep. Sonny Calahan endorsed Danny Joyner.

T.R. Miller High School won the Battle of Murder Creek with a score of 38 to 7 against W.S. Neal High School.

According to The Atmore Advance,  a man was injured in a machete attack, which put him into the hospital.

Atmore Community Hospital was bidding farewell to Jackie Presley after 41 years of service.

Touch 1 employees are to get a pay raise.

Eugene Dorsey finally was convicted of a crime that took place before he murdered three people in Conecuh County.

It can be said that some people were not satisfied with the election and had a humorous way of showing it. Among the write-in candidates were Monica Lewinsky and Yogi Bear.