Looking Back: 20 years ago, residents readied for tour

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Twenty years ago, in 1998, the big story in Poarch was whether Eddie Tullis would have to give up his position as chairman of the general council. He defended himself to the general council, who had petitioned for a recall of Tullis.

There was an article on Probate Judge Devon Wiggins about his time of service with the military. He was drafted in 1951 and figured he would be going to Korea, but instead his singing voice kept him out of the line of fire and into entertaining the troops all over Europe.

I did not know Wiggins’ past in the military, but I was familiar with his singing. He was always willing to join in and lend his voice. He was very good with the gospel songs and he was called upon many times to sing at various events.

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An alleged kidnapper was captured due to a concerned citizen’s report to the Sheriff’s Department from the interstate. The driver of a car was driving erratically on the interstate and drew the attention of another motorist who called 911. Her alleged kidnapper was lying out of sight in the seat beside her and was holding a knife. He was drinking very heavily and did not realize the woman he was kidnapping was signaling for help.

Residents of Atmore were getting ready for the Tour of Homes during the upcoming Christmas season.

The 2000 Federal Census was getting underway. I heard about this and I worked with the census in 2000. It was one of the most interesting jobs I ever had. I started out being trained in Castleberry and then was given my assignment in the county. I worked in Brewton and then was sent to Atmore to count the citizens down there. We were doing so well, some of us were asked to go to Mobile County to help count there. I never worked in any of the towns or cities in Mobile County, but was sent to the northern part of the county, which was mostly rural.

Because I was going into a rural area and didn’t know my way around, Marvis Simmons went with me. At one particular place our map showed a household off one highway. We found the dirt road leading to it. That road led to a path through the woods. Finally, we came upon a sign that said we were not welcome and to stay out. I looked at Marvis and we decided right then that we didn’t care who lived there, we were not going to go any farther. We laughed about it later.

Students of Escambia County Middle School Environmental Club went before the Atmore City Council and requested permission to enhance the alley across the street from the post office.

A Flomaton police dog was shot and killed just before going on duty. Intentionally killing a police dog calls for a felony charge. An investigation was underway.

Students at A.C. Moore School attended a play that showed the consequences of alcohol.