AME wrestling show told a good story

Published 12:02 am Wednesday, March 6, 2019

The loud pounding of the squared circle could be heard outside of the Pepsi Auditorium at Atmore’s Main Event (AME) Saturday night.

The local wrestling promotion held a show, Unfinished Business, for a sold out crowd. A 12-man Battle Royale and other matches that featured pro talent highlighted the show.

This was the first wrestling show in Atmore since Dirty 30 Sothern Heat Wrestling closed its doors last fall.

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AME’s owner, Danny Rolin, opened the newest wrestling company in Atmore next to Acapulco’s Mexican Restaurant on Church Street earlier this spring.

From what I’ve been told, the plan is to have two wrestling shows at AME each month.

Last week, I managed to capture the end of a tag match and the main event at the show.

The 12-man Battle Royale featured talent who had already wrestled in the show, and some who didn’t.

As we got down to about two wrestlers left — the objective of a Battle Royale is to send your opponents over the top rope until one is left, who is the winner — two “unwelcome” wrestlers came in wearing Dirty 30 T-shirts.

As soon as I understood what was going on, I knew immediately what was about to happen.

Rolin and Cameron Murphy, who was a guest bell ringer, took control of the match and dispatched of the Dirty 30 wrestlers, signifying the end of the old Atmore wrestling brand and the beginning of AME.

The highlight of the match, which didn’t have a sole winner, included Murphy spearing one of the bad guys through a table.

I nodded and clapped when that happened as I knew it was something people will be talking about prior to the next show, which will be held Sat., March 16.

Yep, it was a lot of fun soaking in the new wrestling company’s atmosphere.

Heck, you might see me at a future show. Come say hello.