Past presidents luncheon was fun to attend

Published 12:02 am Wednesday, March 27, 2019

The Atmore Area Chamber of Commerce held a past presidents luncheon Tuesday afternoon.

Past presidents gathered for a short social time, which was followed up by a catered lunch in the chamber office’s conference room.

Being a part of the media, I took a picture of the past presidents, along with the chamber ambassadors.

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Then, Executive Director Emily Wilson turned and asked, “Would you like to stay for lunch?”

“Sure!” I said.

This was the first past presidents luncheon I had attended fully. I believe last year I was sent photos and did a short write up on the event itself.

During lunch, which was provided by South Alabama Vending, the past presidents told fun stories of their time at the head of the chamber, and shared some “ah-ha!” moments.

I decided to put down my pen and paper, and to just enjoy listening to what all was said and recalled.

As stories and accolades were told, my eyes kept wandering over the past presidents’ pictures on the wall in the conference room.

I thought about their tenures as the head of the chamber, and about how their efforts for a term then carried over to another president’s term and so forth.

Like what was discussed at the luncheon, I thought about how each president must have tried to make things better as the year unfolded under their feet.

As a part of the luncheon, all of the past presidents who attended were asked to write down something that people would remember their presidency by or something personal about them.

When Wilson read the clues, it didn’t take long for the assembled figure out who was who by the cards.

I enjoyed the luncheon, and I’m glad I stayed.

I hope Rotary will excuse my absence.