Looking Back: Grim reaper visited ECHS students

Published 10:58 am Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Twenty-five years ago, in 1994, approximately 375 people attended a Fabulous Forties Reunion of Escambia County High School students. The reunion honored those who graduated from the school during the years 1940-1949. There was a lot of partying and renewing of friendships.

Winn-Dixie had chuck roast for $1.67 a pound, sherbet for 69 cents for a half gallon and strawberries for 99 cents a pint.

Food fair had Charmin tissue for 69 cents for a 4-roll package, fried chicken was $3.99 for eight pieces and Cool Whip was 89 cents for an eight-ounce container.

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We haven’t looked at grocery prices in a while. They are most interesting. Things that one would think would not be so expensive are surprisingly high. For example, Coca-Cola products stayed pretty much constant for a while. In 1994, one could buy a two-liter Coke for 99 cents.

Tap dancing classes were being offered to adults. There would be a six-week course and cloggers were especially invited as the steps are similar.

There was a very nice story about Gertrude Childress who painted to pass the time while she was fighting a debilitating disease. She was confined to her house for more than two years.

Everyone in Atmore was getting ready for the upcoming annual Mayfest, something they still do 25 years later.

Amtrak, a tractor and another wreck were involved in separate accidents over the past weekend. There was also a wreck that knocked all the power out in a section of town.

The Atmore Police Department announced that time was running out to make a bid on six vehicles confiscated during drug busts. The money paid for these vehicles would be turned over to the drug task force.

As a way to deter drinking and driving during the busy time of proms and graduations, students at ECHS were reminded of the consequences by the “Grim Reaper.” All day long students were disappearing from their classes as the Reaper came for them. This reminds me of the other times through the years that a terrible accident would be staged where there were “deaths and injuries,” reminding the students of the dangers of drinking and driving. It has been my observation that young people think something so dreadful could never happen to them. Any way we can all get the message across to make them make good decisions, I am in favor of it. I sat by the bedside of my granddaughter for five days after she was in a car wreck where alcohol was involved. On the fifth day, she slowly slipped away as I held her hand. I would hope that this tragedy never happens to anyone else. Be careful!