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Looking Back: Burger King was bee-sy that day

We will have another look at 1994 this week, which was 25 years ago.

A vehicle was destroyed by a train at a crossing where a man had stalled his vehicle. The driver was not hurt.

With elections coming up in the fall, candidates were into advertising in a big way.

With school out for the summer, plans were being made for plenty of entertainment to keep the kids busy.

The Atmore City Council and the Atmore Library Board were in a stand-off over an employee at the library.

There was a nice story about Mike McKissack and his work with bees. If anyone had a problem with bees building a beehive where it wasn’t wanted, they could call him and he would come and use his skills to capture the bees.

I remember receiving a phone call at The Brewton Standard in Brewton from a man living outside the city. He was rather excited to show me the bees in a tree outside his house. When I looked up there were two large balls of bees swarming around. I took some pictures but I was absolutely scared to death with all that flying around. I assume he called someone to get them. I know that I would have gone in the house and let the bees have the tree.

Another time I went to Burger King and when I came out, I noticed a large ball of bees in one of the little trees outside. I drove to the window and told an employee about them and I don’t know what happenedto the bees. I guess I am the last one to call about bees.

Bratt School took the opportunity to honor volunteers who devoted their time to do for others.

It has always amazed me just how much volunteers to for others. I never knew how much until I began to work at the newspaper.

An African-American Townfest was held at Houston Avery Park and sponsored by the NAACP.

A man escaped serious injury as he crossed in front of a CSX train.

Atmore and Brewton are in danger of trains. Both have tracks and trains running through and it is inevitable that there will be accidents. Drivers have to take the blame too. They always think they have time to cross the track and barrel on through. It is a thousand wonders more people aren’t killed there.