It really was a family-fun atmosphere

Published 12:02 am Wednesday, September 11, 2019

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A little boy tapped the security guard on the back.

The security guard turned around, recognizing the boy, picked him up and gave him a hug along with a big smile.

This moment stood out to me the other night while attending Atmore’s Main Event’s Sept. 7 show, Who You Gonna Call?

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Before I go on, I must tell y’all that before the show, I went to The Publican, where Ernie Digmon provided a good atmosphere. Additionally, I had great conversations about the Atlanta Braves; college football, notably about Alabama, Auburn and Florida State; and other topics.

As I left the pub, Digmon said, “I hope the wrestling match is everything you hope to be and more.”

“Thanks!” I said, and walked off into the night.

The event featured a five-match show, and a special visit from Ghostbuster cosplayers.

While watching the match, I thought about the allure of pro wrestling.

During the show, many people showed up with many different economic backgrounds.

Age wise, the young and old showed up for the show, and were of the same chorus when both the good guys and bad guys came to the squared circle.

As the matches came and went, the lead up to the main event was thick in the air. After an intermission, the second-ever women’s match began and I was immediately hooked from the start.

However, I got a text message, which led to a news tip.

I realized I had to go and see what was what in regard to the message, so I left early while the main event continued.

As I left the show, I thought what the news tip was about — the story is in this week’s edition — and about what I experienced.

When I left the show, I turned to the same security guard, letting him know I had to rush off.

He smiled the same smile, and wished me a good night.

As I left through the front doors, I said to myself: Night made.