State recognizes Atmore historic district

Published 3:58 pm Thursday, October 10, 2019

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The Alabama Historical Commission recently approved a map designating a portion of the city of Atmore as a commercial historic district.

The location of the historic district by street is Carney Street, Main Street, Trammell Street, Pensacola Avenue, Roberts Street, Presley Street, East Church Street, Nashville Avenue/Highway 31, Louisville Avenue and Ridgeley Street.

At present, the city’s historic district nomination is being considered by the United States Department of the Interior’s National Park Service.

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Within the district, there are 72 contributing buildings, and 25 non contributing. Contributing means that the building contributes to the district, and non contributing means that the building doesn’t contribute to the district, according to City Ordinance 2019-01, which established a historic preservation commission in Atmore.

According to the city’s application written by McNair Historic Preservation Inc., the city, divided by an active east to west railroad track, holds many historic buildings of the 20th century, and many are still being used today for commercial purposes. According to the latest survey in 2002, the whole city can boast approximately 580 structures that are 50 years old or more.

The inventory of buildings within the district include by street:

Carney Street

• 108 N. Carney St., Tenner’s Auto Repair, non contributing (nc)

• 203 S. Carney St., Trinity Episcopal Church, contributing (c)

Church Street

• 104 E. Church St., Crowd 9 Event (c)

• 105 E. Church St., Monlavie Beauty Boutique (nc)

• 106 E. Church St., Vacant (c)

• 205 E. Church St., Farmer’s Insurance (nc)

• 206 E. Church St., Cotton’s Furniture and Sleep Center (c)

• 207 E. Church St., Church Street Incubator (nc)

• 306 E. Church St., Alabama Power (nc)

• 101 W. Church St., American Legion Post 90 (c)

• 102-106 W. Church St., Partially Vacant, Hazel’s Country Curl (c)

Louisville Avenue

• 103 E. Louisville Ave., The Turquoise Feather Vinyl Studio (c)

• 105 E. Louisville Ave., Vacant (c)

• 107 E. Louisville Ave., City Hall/Nancy’s (c)

• 107 E. Louisville Ave., Atmore Station (c)

• 201 E. Louisville Ave.., Atmore City Hall (nc)

• 102-104 W. Louisville Ave., Infinity Health (c)

• 108 W. Louisvlle Ave., Elite Barber Shop (c)

Main Street

• 100 N. Main St., Healthy Minds Consulting LLC (c)

• 101-103 N. Main St., Tiger Lily Boutique, Heavenly Escape (c)

• 104 N. Main St., Otts, Moore, Coale, Godwin, Stearns and Darby Law Offices (c)

• 105 N. Main St., Vacant (c)

• 108 N. Main St., H&R Block (nc)

• 109 N. Main St., Vacant (c)

• 110 N. Main St., 30 Below (c)

• 111 N. Main St., Vacant (c)

• 114 N. Main St., Atmore Post Office (c)

• 115 A. N. Main St., Your Little Pink Boutique/Residence (nc)

• 117 N. Main St., Discount Tax Services (c)

• 119 N. Main St., Vacant (c)

• 121 N. Main St., Home Style Furniture (c)

• 122 N. Main St., Atmore Carpet Services (c)

• 124-126 N. Main St., Vacant (c)

• 125 N. Main St., Southern Addictions and Antiques (c)

• 129 N. Main St., Whistle Stop LLC (c)

• 131 N. Main St., New York Fashions (c)

• 135 N. Main St., Looking Good Gifts and Accessories (c)

• 137 N. Main St., Atmore Chamber of Commerce (c)

• 200 N. Main St., W.P Ballard Ice House/Health Plus Chiropractic Center, (c)

• 201 N. Main St., Vacant (c)

• 100 S. Main St., We Care (c)

• 101-103 S. Main St., Main Street Jewelers/Vacant (c)

• 108 S. Main St., Escambia Drug Store (c)

• 110 S. Main St., Vacant (c)

• 111 S. Main St., First National Bank and Trust (nc)

• 116 S. Main St., Vacant/The Strand Theatre (c)

• 119 S. Main St., Vacant (c)

• 120 S. Main St., Vacant/Atmore Hardware Co. (c)

• 121 S. Main St., Vacant (c)

• 122 S. Main St., Vacant (c)

• 123 S. Main St., Vacant (c)

• 125 S. Main St., Vacant (c)

• 128-130 S. Main St., Atmore News, The Tot Shop (c)

• 132 S. Main St., Atmore Florist (c)

• 201 S. Main St., Gulf Winds (nc)

Nashville Avenue/Highway 31

• 109 W. Nashville Ave., UB Community Development (c)

• 111 W. Nashville Ave., Gather Restaurant (c)

• 122 E. Nashville Ave., Rowland’s Tires (nc)

• 200 E. Nashville Ave., United Bank (nc)

• 209 W. Nashville Ave., Bondurant Ace Hardware (nc)

• 406 E. Nashville Ave., Jason Pilger Chevrolet (c)

Pensacola Avenue

• 205 N. Pensacola Ave., Unspecified warehouse (nc)

• 103 S. Pensacola Ave., Unknown (nc)

• 108 S. Pensacola Ave., Vacant (c)

• 110 S. Pensacola Ave., International Full Gospel Bible Church (c)

• 112 S. Pensacola Ave., Ray’s Cleaners (nc)

• 113 S. Pensacola Ave., Atmore Insurance Services (nc)

• 201 S. Pensacola Ave., Frontier (c)

Presley Street

• 100 Presley St., Vacant (nc)

• 106 Presley St., Pepsi Bottling Co. (c)

Ridgeley Street

• 104 W. Ridgeley St., Sandy Helton Home (c)

• 105 W. Ridgeley St., The Publican LLC (nc)

• 106 W. Ridgeley St., Vacant (c)

• 107 W. Ridgeley St., Vacant (nc)

• 108 W. Ridgeley St., Unknown (c)

• 109 W. Ridgeley St., The Dirty 30 Southern Heat Wrestling (c)

• 110 W. Ridgeley St., Reynolds Realty (c)

• 111 W. Ridgeley St., Country Charms (c)

• 112 W. Ridgeley St., The Coffee House LLC (c)

• 114-116 W. Ridgeley St., Cotton and Co., The Philanthropic Seed (c)

• 210 W. Ridgeley St., Atmore Truckers (c)

• 211 W. Ridgeley St., Unknown Possibly Sunrise Contracting Service (c)

Roberts Street

• 100 Roberts St., Pepsi Bottling Co. warehouse (c)

• 106 Roberts St., Pepsi Bottling Co. Warehouse (nc)

Trammell Street

• 100 N. Trammell St., Edward Jones/Graham-Brooks Wholesale Grocery (c)

• 101 N. Trammell St., Atmore Milling and Elevator Co./Central Farm Supply (c)

• 101 N. Trammell St., Central Farm Supply (c)

• 106 N. Trammell St., Gregg’s (nc)

• 112 N. Trammell St., The Funky Monkey (c)

• 113 N. Trammell St., B&G Storage (c)

• 114 N. Trammell St., Vacant (c)

• 115-117 N. Trammell St., Vacant (c)

• 211 N. Trammell St., Unknown (nc)

• 100 S. Trammell St., Greater Escambia Council for the Arts (c)

• 106 S. Trammell St., Residence (nc)

• 110 S. Trammell St., Residence (nc)

• 202-210 S. Trammell St., Trammell Square/Vacant (c)