Looking Back: New prison build in Century

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, November 6, 2019

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Thirty years ago, in 1989, a man was convicted of assaulting police officers when they tryed to arrest him for shooting into a woman’s car. His lawyer was trying to say that the police were in the wrong.

Mike Hanks, service officer with the Alabama Department of Veterans’ affairs, said that “people forget that the American veteran changed the course of history. With Veteran’s Day coming up we all need to remember that the bad times are what makes the good things possible.”

A prison ground breaking was to be held in December. The 900-inmate prison in Century, Fla., was to employ 300 people and cost $11.5 million to build.

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Mayor Howard Shell celebrated his birthday with a party given by his staff.

An editorial in The Atmore Advance urged the public to tell a veteran “thanks” on Veteran’s Day.

Nora Halley of Uriah celebrated her 90th birthday with a whole weeks of different events.

Atmore was inundated with eight inches of rain. Water flooded the streets causing some problems. Crops were also affected.

Sixty-five (at the time) year old Lydia Conway of Canoe, finally got her prayers answered with the placement of a headstone on her grandfather’s grave. Her grandfather, Jasper M. Conway  was a Confederate soldier and his granddaughter was having trouble getting it verified. After 13 years the headstone was approved.

I will tell you my story of getting veteran stones for some of my ancestors that had not received one. I was able to get the stones for my great grandfather, my great-great grandfather, my husband’s great great grandfather. All it takes is to furnish some kind of proof of service and the stone will be sent to you and it doesn’t usually take very long. You do not even have to pay shipping costs.

A 70-year-old woman was killed in a car crash when her vehicle left the road. A passenger with her was transported to Pensacola, Fla.

A unique way to raise funds for the Atmore Public Library got underway. The popular Monopoly board game real estate was changed to Atmore Monopoly. Players could then purchase the Atmore property.

Convicted killer Arthur James Julius, 41, was to be executed at Holman Prison. He was convicted for the murder of his cousin, Susie Bell Sanders, in 1978.

“Parenthood” was showing at the Strand. It starred Steve Martin and John Candy.