Looking Back: Harry Moore gave honey as gifts

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, November 27, 2019

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First of all, let me wish you a great Thanksgiving Day. May you all have all the turkey and dressing you want to consume. Just remember to save room for the good cakes and pies.
Thirty years ago, in 1989, everyone was looking for bargains to make Thanksgiving even better. Winn-Dixie had mayonnaise for 79 cents; Sauve shampoo for 97 cents a bottle; Angel Soft toilet tissue for 99 cents for a four roll package; fried chicken dinner for four with eight pieces of chicken, mac and cheese for $8.99; and Sparkle paper towels for 63 cents a roll.
Barnes Super Market had chicken breasts and pork chops for $1.49 a pound.
I told you earlier about a teacher at Escambia County High School who was charged with sodomy and there being an investigation into the charges. The teacher was Robert Mooney and Escambia County School Superintendent, Archie Trawick, put him on suspension until the case was settled. Melanie Cotton, a senior at Escambia County High School received a phone call from Vice President Dan Quale. She had written to him and never received an answer, so when she did hear from him she was very surprised to get the call.
There was an interesting story on the front page of The Atmore Advance about Harry Moore and his hobby of bee keeping. He harvested the honey from the hives twice a year and one of those times was just before Christmas. He had the habit of using that honey to give as Christmas gifts.
Last, but not least, my Thanksgiving story is one I have shared with you before.
One Thanksgiving many years ago, my husband’s family had us over for dinner. When we arrived, I went to work in the kitchen with a couple of aunts to finish the meal. They were talking about the year they decided to fatten a live turkey instead of buying a frozen one. This is the story they told. They fed the bird and when the time came to cook the turkey, neither wanted to kill him. After much discussion one of the sisters got the axe and hit the bird in the head. They took him into the kitchen and plucked the feathers. Just as they finished plucking the bird, the poor thing woke up, as he was not really dead, only just knocked out. What to do with the turkey was the problem. Neither of the women had the nerve to hit him again. By this time I was laughing so hard at the story, I began to suspect that I had been joked. They finished the story by telling of dressing the bird in some doll clothes and setting him loose in the woods. Then they topped it off by telling that a man later told his friend about finding a turkey in the woods that was wearing clothes. What a great time we had that day. I cherish the memories of these two ladies and the fun we had.

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