Fight to keep the State of the Union strong

Published 9:10 am Wednesday, February 5, 2020

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By Rep. Bradley Byrne

This week is one for the history books as President Donald Trump gives his State of the Union address only hours before he is acquitted of impeachment in the Senate.  There could hardly be a greater contrast between work being done for the American people and a sham scheme to prevent it. 

The president can tout remarkable achievements over the last year despite unprecedented obstruction from Democrats afraid of his success. Facing a gridlocked legislature, President Trump has used his deal-making shrewdness to negotiate deals abroad and fight for his America First agenda at home. 

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With the Trump tax cuts in full swing and his success rolling back unnecessary regulations, the economy is at full throttle.  The blue collar boom we are experiencing has led to record low unemployment even while Americans are keeping more of their hard-earned money. His tough stance on trading partners like China who have a history of cheating us is paying off.  Just weeks ago, he signed a new Phase One trade deal with China.

In December, with polling showing overwhelming disapproval for their unpopular impeachment focus, Democrats gave in to public pressure and passed the bipartisan U.S.-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA). President Trump’s deal had been waiting for House action for a year. USMCA will have major benefits for American workers, and Alabama is poised to benefit more than most states. Ironically, many Democrats now taking the credit for USMCA are the same ones who said that a new deal replacing NAFTA couldn’t get done.

The President has also prioritized lowering healthcare costs. His vision is in stark contrast to the socialist proposals offered by the left. Remember, in last year’s State of the Union, when President Trump proclaimed that we would never be a socialist nation, Democrats sat on their hands while Republicans cheered.

President Trump ran on the promise of restoring our national security after years of neglecting our servicemen and women. His America First policies are doing just that.  Defense spending has increased, and we are honoring our commitments to our warfighters. While President Trump rightly has questioned our involvement in the Middle East, he has taken firm action when needed. He recently took out Iranian General Qasem Soleimani, the most dangerous terrorist in the region.  And he has proposed a historic Middle East peace deal. 

For all the Democrats’ foolish talk about the Senate being a legislative graveyard, Mitch McConnell and his Republican majority have continued confirming President Trump’s judicial nominees at an extraordinary clip. That itself is an amazing accomplishment!  Meanwhile, the House has rejected any meaningful legislation and instead continued its impeachment focus. Pushing through partisan messaging bills that won’t become law might please their liberal base, but it does nothing for the American people.

Don’t forget border security, one of President Trump’s key issues. His commonsense policies have lowered the number of illegal border crossings and contributed to American safety not just at the border but in all 50 states. I visited the border last year and know firsthand the challenges there. I will continue fighting with him against sanctuary cities and open borders.

I am pleased that one of President Trump’s priorities for 2020 is school choice. I am honored to lead his school choice legislation in the House and excited to have over 100 cosponsors of my bill. When I met with President Trump at the White House in December to discuss his education priorities, he made clear he will push for action on this initiative this year.

While Democrats will continue seeking their only goal to undermine President Trump, I will continue fighting to keep the state of our union strong, this year and always.