Looking Back: 30 years ago, hard rain hindered center construction

Published 9:09 am Wednesday, February 5, 2020

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Thirty years ago, in 1990, charges of vehicular homicide were dismissed against Michael Bernard Martin who was involved in a truck wreck. Roy Cecil Courtney was killed in the accident.
A hard rain hindered the construction of Escambia Shopping Center on Lindberg Avenue.
Four Mexican aliens were captured by Atmore Police. They had hitched a ride on a CSX train. The CSX officials notified the Atmore Police that they were going to stop and turn the four men over to them. As the train slowed down, the suspects jumped off and ran. They were later captured on Trammell Street.
Three Fort Rucker residents were hurt in a two-car accident. They were Ossie Peacock, Ossie Peacock III and Ashley Peacock.
Escambia Academy was looking for a new headmaster after the resignation of Eugene Madison.
Thirty years ago there was a form of Looking Back that went back another 50 years, so 80 years ago (1940) the movie of the week was “The Housekeeper’s Daughter” starring Joan Bennett and Adophe Menjou.
Back in 1990, Bacon was selling for 99 cents a pound, rump roast was selling for $1.99 a pound, fryer wings for 49 cents a pound, and beef stew meat for 99 cents a pound, all at Winn-Dixie.
Rain soaked ground sunk when a support pole holding a concrete slab gave way.
Kenneth Barnhill was charged with armed robbery on a night spot. He said it was all a joke.
The trial of Edward Russell Dubose was underway. The key witnesses linked him to the victim’s car. He was later found guilty and was sentenced to death by electric chair for the murder of Stephanie King.
Diann Smith, an employee of Atmore Nursing Center, gave an interview and told why she loved working with the elderly.
A Baldwin County youth was sentenced to death for the murder and sodomy of Karen Ann Rolin in 1988. The youth was Clayton John Flowers II. Flowers was only 15 years at the time of the murder.
The fourth grade class at Huxford presented a “We Love Alabama” show.
“Horizons ’90”, the yearly magazine of The Atmore Advance, came out and was the biggest issue of the year.
Atmore City Council members in 1990 were Howard Shell, Curtis Harris, Tim Kloptenstein, Eldred Pettechett, Johnnie Woods and Fred Zulderhoeh.
Robert and Rob Faircloth had a write-up about the 22 years in the restaurant business, feeding people from The Ponderosa and Church’s Chicken. They later added David’s Catfish to those.

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