Student encounter brought joy

Published 9:10 am Wednesday, February 5, 2020

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Sometimes even somebody you don’t know can brighten your day.

Last Thursday night, I was present for Escambia County’s basketball games against Vigor at home.

During the boys game, I had a feeling it would be a one-side affair, and I was right. The Blue Devils beat the Wolves 50-40 after a 13-0 run to end the first half and some late free throws in the second.

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Mid-to-late in the fourth period, Rachel Patterson First Grader Jace Lee (please forgive me if I didn’t get the spelling right) came over to talk to me. I was sitting on the home side right next to the bench, where coach John Spears usually stands.

As I was holding my camera, Lee asked if he could take a picture with it.

I said, “Sure!”

I held the camera and told Lee that by pressing this button (the shutter) the camera focuses on the subject and then snap, a picture. He looked at the picture he helped me take, and said “Wow!” I beamed.

Lee asked me a few questions about my camera and then asked if he could hold it. I told him I’d have to hold the camera, and apologized.

After a few moments, I asked Lee for his name and who his teacher is. He told me his teacher, and I exclaimed, “I know her!”

Lee said, “you do?!”

“What school do I go to?” Lee asked.

“Rachel Patterson,” I said.

Lee asked how I knew and I said it was because of his red shirt.

A short time later, I had to get up and take some more photographs.

We parted ways, but I left thinking that I was thankful to encounter Lee and his joy.