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New routines benefiting schedule

As of late, residents have been going through a new routine as they are helping to stop the spread of COVID-19.

Last Friday afternoon, some signs of normal were seen as retail stores opened their doors, but with new rules because of the pandemic.

My routine on a daily basis, other than my office duties, is to go to the post office around 11 a.m.

Last Friday, I noticed something different, but familiar – heavy traffic.

“Where are they going?” I thought.

Seeing the increased volume of traffic was a good site to see, and it made me excited for the days that lie ahead.

A new part of my routine I’ve added recently is stretching and doingn a light workout just about every evening.

I found that using the Alexa app’s full body stretch skill is a good starting point to get warmed up for the workout, which is also available via the app.

After the first day, I didn’t feel much of any pain – no pain, no gain – but I did after the second day.

During the day on Friday, I was sore and felt it just about every time I took a step.

However, I decided late that night to go through the stretching and workout again to end the week on a good note.

I didn’t workout on Saturday or Sunday, but picked up my new routine on Monday for a new week.

What sort of new routines have you adopted into your schedule?