Looking Back: 30 years ago, a man was charged with manslaughter

Published 10:30 am Wednesday, June 3, 2020

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Thirty years ago, in 1990,a man who was charged with manslaughter, but was out on appeal, was shot and killed. Officers said he was shot by another person in self defense.
More than 800 students of Escambia County High School aligned themselves into the letters ECHS and were photographed from an airplane. The photo was to be used in the school annual, “Amorala.”
Rosa Cates of Bratt, Fla., 90, was featured in The Atmore Advance with a photograph
When she was asked the secret of a long life, she said it was peanut butter and she ate it every day.
A 19 year old Brewton residemt, Brian Murph, used CPR to revive an Evergreen man who nearly drowned in Murder Creek near Kirkland. Murph has just returned from National Guard basic training. He said he had almost given up on trying to revive the man when he began to cough and spit water.
A five year old who was left unattended, died of smoke inhalation. Justin King was left alone at his grandmother’s house while she went next door. The cause of the fire was undetermined but the fire marshal planned an investigation.
The trial of James Robert Mooney, 49, was set to begin. Mooney, a Escambia County High School teacher wa charged with sodomy. The trial was postponed until the next court date because the defendant’s lawyer said he needed more time to present his case.
An article titled “50 years ago” said that a local car dealer was advertising a town sedan for $699 and a business coupe for $659. That would have made it an 80 year old ad, but boy, what a deal.
“Sidewalks of London” with Vivien Leigh and Charles Laughton and “Two Girls on Broadway” with Lana Turner, Jane Blondell and George Murphy were starring at the Strand. Now if you don’t remember these names, you are officially getting old.

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