Capsule’s splashdown ended fun

Published 9:35 am Friday, August 7, 2020

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Looking at my phone early Monday morning, I noticed several notifications from a friend via the Facebook messenger app.

Curious, I opened the app and behold were phone pictures of Space X’s Dragon Endeavour, which landed in the Gulf of Mexico on Aug. 2 near Pensacola, Fla.

The capsule carried Astronauts Bob Behnken and Doug Hurley from the Insternational Space Station (ISS) after a more than two-month stay.

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Watching the news coverage of the splashdown, I couldn’t help but think back to launch day for this particular mission.

It was a Saturday because the initial launch was scrubbed due to weather. Hey, it happens.

Getting up about mid-morning with coffee in hand, I watched the live stream coverage via YouTube of the event.

As you have read in this space before, I was fascinated by the technology aspect of the whole launch.

The rocket itself decides whether to launch or not, and even lands itself once it delivers its payload at a certain altitude.

Every now and then during the mission at the ISS, I’d watch already shown videos of the astronauts doing walks to repair or replace certain parts of the station. That was fun.

Then, seeing the big parachutes carrying both safely down in the water was cool, too.

The capsule itself, according to reports, slowed down from 17,500 miles per hour to 350 miles per hour to some 16 miles per hour. Pretty fascinating.

Watching both come aboard a ship, might I add came from Alabama, put an end to a fun childlike euphoria for me.

However, pretty soon, four more astronauts will climb aboard another Space X capsule and be launched up to the heavens as well.

Will I be watching?

You already know the answer.