Looking Back: 30 years ago, Zigler displayed watermelon

Published 5:32 pm Tuesday, September 29, 2020

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Thirty years ago, in 1990, Xury Zigler displayed the watermelon that he grew. The specimen weighed 163 pounds. He had another that he believed would eventually top that and produce an even larger one.
According to officials, there were three people injured in wrecks for the Labor Day holiday.
FoodFair had a Brain Food sale with two liter Pepsi for 79 cents, ground round steak for $1.98 a pound and whole fryers for 58 cents a pound. Now I have no idea what was especially good for the brain in those items, but I buy food for the taste.
Atmore city officials jumped on the bandwagon with other municipalities in claiming that the census being taken was not correct. One must remember that the count decided many distributions of funds in states and counties. In the year 1980, there were 38,241 people in the county while ten years later there were 35,092 people. A total of 301 empty houses were noted for Atmore for 1990.
The ABC store received a visitor after the store closed one night. An opossum got into the store and had himself a good time until workers found him in the morning. After a lot of trying to handle the animal, the employees had to call one of Atmore’s firefighters, Lavon Perham, to come and collect the animal. It is thought that the critter fell through the roof while it was open for repairs It seems to have had a good time breaking bottles and making a mess.
Potato farmer, L.Junior Roberts, was very serious about his crop of sweet potatoes. He had been growing them for 35 years and was very good at it.
Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Kircherr celebrated their 70th wedding anniversary and Mr. and Mrs. Glen Gulsby celebrated their 50th.

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