Letter to the Editor for Wed., Jan. 6, 2021

Published 9:33 am Wednesday, January 6, 2021

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Dear mayor and council,
Happy New Year!
Happy new council. Hundreds of people voted and gave you the privilege, the responsibility and the authority, to lead us. Please commence.
Item No. 1. Are you not embarrassed that, while we have beautiful renewal happening on Main Street, three blocks away, what Atmore offers as a place to buy our groceries  — one of only two supermarkets in Atmore — is surrounded by piles of trash and filth? Anti-Litter has become a passion of mine as I am inspired by the late-great Pete Seeger to take action. We (Atmore) could have a brief, intense campaign to clean up our streets right now while weeds and foliage are in the winter stage. Litter is easily visible and reachable.  
Item No. 2. Does the City own the thickly-wooded block on Montgomery Street located at the south end of Beck Street? It’s a short strip which has not been cleaned in ages, not even when inmate crews used to clean up after us. It is a bit too much for this one 76-year-old lady to attempt on her own. Dr. David Bronner, famed financial wizard in Montgomery, tells us to tell it to our Mayor when anything needs to be done. 2006 was Atmore’s last Anti-Litter Campaign conducted by our local chamber ambassadors. Let’s do it again. Let’s do it now, make it short and sweet. For the love of Atmore, let us have an intense cleanup from now until Valentine’s Day.
District Council–get the residents in your district to each take a trash bag and walk up and down their own street and pick up the litter. You yourself can lead by setting an example.  
I know there are many, many spots within our city limits needing cleaning. The city needs to focus first on streets leading to our schools. Look at Craig Street in particular.  The railroad crossing is a mess of litter; plus an abandoned house near Rachel Patterson is a horrible, trashy eyesore. What must our children think? What exactly is our standard of living in Atmore? The beautiful facade of Main Street needs a clean town to support it. We need to take the blinders off and pay attention to where we live.
I know you can figure it out.
Letty Digmon
1127 S Presley

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