Visit to the park was perfect, so was the weather

Published 2:14 pm Wednesday, May 19, 2021

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Have you ever heard the wind blow through the long-leaf pine needles at Tom Byrne Park and the Cal Ripken Baseball fields?

On Monday night, as the Atmore and Poarch 12U Cal Ripken baseball teams played, a light breeze blew through the park.

The weather was perfect for baseball. In fact, the game went into extra innings as both teams put up a good fight on the diamond.

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The Atmore Advance took photos of the baseball game and caught up with some folks at the game.

“I’m glad I came out here,” I thought as I left after about an hour and a half.

While visiting I kept looking at the various trees around the park.

Now, there have been several times when I’ve walked the half mile track on the Lindberg Avenue side, and I’ve gazed upon the various trees that stand tall to this day.

The trees that stand on the Cal Ripken field side are unique, too.

One such tree was only a few feet tall more than 50 years ago, and stands as one of, if not the, tallest in the park.

Another splits about halfway up, kind of like a wishbone or a narrow field goal.

I’ve heard stories that there were so many trees way back when that foul balls would trickle down their branches and kids would get 10 cents for each ball they’d collect.

Yeah, I’m thankful I went out to the park Monday night because it was the best opportunity for me this week.

A few Atmore-area schools will be holding graduation exercises this week, and I didn’t know when I’d be able to attend a game. Escambia Academy held its ceremony Tuesday night. Escambia County and Atmore Christian School are holding theirs Friday night.

As I always do, I smiled as I walked away.

I thought, “I’m thankful for following my gut to come out to the park on such a perfect evening.”