Time for referendum on Biden’s rhetoric

Published 9:51 am Thursday, September 8, 2022

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By Rep. Jerry Carl

Thursday night, I sat in shock as President Joe Biden called millions of American voters “extremists that threaten the very foundations of our Republic.” Is this the kind of leadership we want that calls out a segment of Americans simply for having a different view? I have had a front row view in Congress watching the changes over the past 18 months and actions such as President Biden’s speech scare me to death!

Completely demonizing the other side of the aisle is dangerous and it’s wrong. I do have legitimate policy disagreements with the Democrats I serve alongside, but I think we can be more successful by pointing out why their policies are wrong, instead of calling them all evil extremists. Any party that claims to have all the right answers all the time is lying to you. House Republicans have a great plan to get our country back on track and get us out of this hole we are in, so we need all Americans to get out and vote this November.

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If you like these high fuel prices, higher interest rates, and open borders, then the Biden Democrat Party is your party. If you like the idea of the government telling you what kind of car to drive, regulating what temperature to set your home thermostat to, and welcoming in hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants every month, then the Biden Democratic party is your party.

This is not the country our men and women shed blood for, and I will not sit on the sidelines while this Administration calls hard working Americans extremists. I have friends and family that vote Democratic, but they have nothing in common with Biden’s Democrat Party and do not think their neighbors are extremists who threaten our country.

November 8th will be the report card time for this Administration. If you are no better off than you were 18 months ago, it’s time to show the leadership in Washington we the people are in control – together! Even with all of our differences, we can work together to bring this country back to her feet by focusing on lowering fuel and food prices, getting American workers back to work by cutting back on all these federal regulations that burden our small businesses and cost us more money, but most of all by coming together as Americas to move forward as a nation instead of demonizing the other side.

November 8th will tell the Biden Democrat Party if they were right or wrong to call you and your neighbors extremists. We the people may not always agree on every issue, but we can all agree as Americans that we win and lose as one!

God, please show us grace and give our elected leadership godly wisdom.