The American people deserve better

Published 10:49 am Wednesday, August 9, 2023

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By Rep. Jerry Carl

I’ve written twice in the last few months about the broken justice system that is unfairly targeting President Donald Trump for exercising his First Amendment rights, while overlooking and distracting from Hunter Biden’s shady business dealings. Since then, the attacks on President Trump have gotten even worse, and we’ve continued finding out more about Joe Biden’s knowledge of and involvement in his son’s criminal activity.

Despite the left’s attempts to distract from all of this by demonizing President Trump and anyone who supports him, we are all still paying very close attention to the Hunter Biden scandals, and House Republicans are still doing all we can to get the truth, hold the Biden family accountable and ensure the U.S. Department of Justice handles this the right way.

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In recent months, we’ve found more proof of what we’ve all known to be true for a long time: Joe Biden was frequently involved in his son’s shady business dealings with the Chinese Communist Party and many other bad actors. President Biden may have claimed he had no knowledge of these dealings or simply introduced his son to people, but anyone with common sense knows the weight of the then-vice president of the United States even being present for these meetings and business deals or even making a simple introduction. I can promise you it was very clear to all involved why Joe Biden was there.

As an elected official, it infuriates me when a politician like Joe Biden uses his office for personal gain for himself and his family members. I was elected to serve you and act in your best interests – not my own interests.

We have hard evidence that Joe Biden repeatedly was present for his son’s phone calls and business meetings with his shady partners. The very first time his son asked him to use his position as vice president to influence a business deal, Joe Biden should have immediately said, “Son, we can’t do that.” Instead, he repeatedly abused his position to enrich himself and his family. This shows a complete lack of integrity.

Meanwhile, House Republicans are continuing to use our power to investigate this mess and hold people accountable. Just last week, Reps. Jim Jordan, James Comer and Jason Smith demanded the Justice Department hand over information on the sweetheart plea deal Hunter Biden was given. We are also working constantly to get more information and more details about Hunter Biden’s business deals, including more bank accounts that will really tell us a lot more of what has been going on.

We will not let them get away with this, and we will not stop pursuing the truth and holding these folks accountable for abusing their positions and enriching themselves at our expense. We can no longer allow our country to be led by crooked politicians who lack integrity. The American people deserve better.