Here are our commitments kept in 2023

Published 10:08 am Thursday, September 21, 2023

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By Rep. Jerry Carl

Last year, House Republicans made a commitment to you: Elect a Republican majority, and we will immediately get to work putting America on a better path after two years of failed one-party rule by House Democrats.

Since House Republicans have been in the majority for 8 months, we have already delivered on dozens of these promises. Right away, we reopened the People’s House so you can visit your elected officials and be part of the process. We also ended proxy voting, mandated that a bill has to be introduced at least 72 hours before being voted on so we actually have time to read what’s in the bill.

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We also eliminated the military vaccine mandate, terminated the COVID national emergency, established the Bipartisan China Select Committee, created a select Committee to Stop the Weaponization of Government, and created a Select Committee to Expose the Truth of COVID’s origins.

This was all just in the first couple days. We also quickly got to work on H.R.1 – the Lower Energy Costs Act, which would unleash America’s energy independence and lower fuel prices. I’m proud to be one of just a few congressmen who worked on the text of this bill, and I was thrilled to see it pass the House floor. Next, we passed H.R.2 – the Secure the Border Act, which would address the crisis at our southern border by finishing the wall, hiring more Border Patrol agents, and much more.

We’re also working around the clock to hold the Biden administration accountable, whether it’s conducting oversight regarding the money we have sent to Ukraine or Hunter Biden’s shady business dealings. The American people deserve transparent and honest leaders, and we must hold them accountable when they fall short.

These are just a few highlights of what we have done in Washington. I also have the privilege of sitting on the Appropriations Committee, where I can ensure your tax dollars return to our communities instead of sitting back and letting them go to states like New York or California. I’ve worked hard to bring your tax dollars back home for good projects like road widening, resurfacing, and safety improvements, as well as for much-needed repairs and upgrades to some of our rural hospitals.

Rest assured, my House Republican colleagues and I are fully committed to delivering real results for you here in Washington, and I’ll never stop fighting to better our communities in Alabama.