AFA presented ‘Reckless Love of Christ’ March 17-18

Published 11:32 am Tuesday, March 19, 2024

Atmore First Assembly of God’s Drama Team presented “The Reckless Love of Christ” March 17-18 in the church’s sanctuary.

The drama presentation was of the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

The cast included Rick Hetrick, narrator; Josh Davis, Jesus; Heather Hughes, Mary; Kyle Parish, Billy Martin, Ricky Fretwell, Richie Byrd, Roy White, Justin Heibert, Chris McGhee, Cody Norton, David Parish, Eric Plant, Chris Singleton and Greg Kunkel, disciples; Billy Harrison and Kenny Robinson, guards; Robby Stanley and Robbie Boyette and Brandon Hetrick, guards; Chaz McGhee, devil; Tommy Holifeild, money changer; Sheila Harrison, fireside maid; Tyler McGhee, Barabbas; Josh Hetrick and Trevor Nall, thieves on the cross; Maci McGhee and Ella Grace Diller, fan girls; Christie Minchew, Railyn Rolin and Karen McGhee, women with Mary; Rick Hetrick, Michael Roley and Greg Hodgen, Pharisees; Chris Hughes, Caiaphus; Van Hughes, Herod; Jeremy Rolin, Pilate; Charles Aymond, lame man; Madi Taylor, blind child; Peggy Weaver, mother of blind child; Macie McGhee, mute child; Jennifer Stanley, mother of mute child; Mason Berry, possessed boy; Sean Taylor, father of possessed boy; Mason Taylor, Jacob; Lori Diller, adulterous woman; Billy Harrison and Donald Johnson, accusers of the adulterous woman; Savannah Spence, women with issue of blood; Brittany Hetrick, mother of deceased boy; Isaac Davis, deceased boy; Canaan Davis and Logan Diller, stretcher carriers; Brittany Hetrick, Jordan Salter, Samantha Minchew and Anna Claire Berry, mourners; Karen McGhee, Jennifer Stanley, Cyndi Keenan, Blaire Singleton, Daelyn Fine, Rhonda Holifield, Sheila Allen, Renee Wilkins, Melissa Ward, Michelle Parish, Savannah Spence, Tiffany Fretwell, Morgan Hiebert, Peggy Weaver, Railyn Rolin, Brittany Hetrick, Anita Hughes, Wanda Pitman, Anna Claire Berry, Josh Hetrick, Trevor Nall, Noah Jordan, Canaan Davis, Isaac Davis, Charles Aymond, Mason Berry, Logan Diller, Madi Taylor, Mason Taylor, Macie McGhee, Donald Johnson, Sean Taylor, Jordan Salter, Tyler McGhee, Christie Minchew, Shane Lassitter, Sheila Harrison, Amanda Lassitter, Tracey Hodgen, Tommy Holifield, Samantha Minchew and Dorothy Martin, crowd.

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Josh Harris sang the introduction song; and the signers were Tammy Searcy, Markita Lambert and Dorothy Martin.

The production crew included Sara Davis, director; Billy Harrison and Ricky Fretwell, set building and design; Tammy Searcy, Billy Harrison, Jean Searcy and Jerry Searcy, set decorations; Ronnel McKinley, Sara Davis and Savannah Spence, costumes; Joan O’Farrell and Ronnel McKinley, costume seamstress and design; Jason Hiebert and Hunter Spence, mic control and adjustments; Roger Keenan, computers, songs, narrations and audio fades; Chris Hughes, special lighting and design; Ron Starns, spotlight; and Shanna Starns, Ronnel McKinley, Savannah Spence, Cyndi Kennan, Shelly White and Roxanne Jordan, make up.