Atmore Rotary Club holds 39th annual Academic All-Star Program

Published 9:14 pm Thursday, May 9, 2024

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One-hundred-and-sixty-eight students were honored as Atmore Rotary Club Academic All-Stars tonight at First Baptist Church of Atmore.

The Academic All-Star Program, which is in its 39th year, began in 1985 by the Atmore Rotary Club to recognize students who obtained academic achievement in high school by maintaining all As and Bs.

This year, there are 44 seniors and 20 four-year Academic All-Stars. Approximately $34,000 in scholarships will be provided to seniors.

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FBC Pastor Dr. Kevin Garrett was the keynote speaker during the awards ceremony, which was well-attended.

Garrett began his address, saying he appreciates the hard work of the students who were honored.

“I appreciate the parents who instilled those values in their children,” Garrett said. “And educators as well.”

Garrett asked the students how many think their lives are perfect.

“Life is not perfect,” he said. “How we respond to twists and turns help us grow to see more in life. How we respond, and how we bounce back from things will benefit us down the road.”

Garrett encouraged the students, adding that with enough support, they can achieve anything God has planned for them.

“God’s got a plan for you,” he said. “Look for good among the bad, look for success instead of failure.”

Garrett said there isn’t one path for everybody.

“Allow yourself to be placed in God’s hands,” he said, adding that it’s important to contribute to the well being of others, the community and the world.

Students from Atmore Christian School, Escambia County High School, Escambia Academy and Northview High School were honored during the program.

The full list of students by school includes: 

Atmore Christian School

• Ricardo Ixmatlahua

• Jordan Overton

• Jovanny Ixmatlahua                  

• Tyson Kennell

• Isaiah Smoker

• Luke Amerson

• Daniel Overton

• Elizabeth Terry** 

Escambia Academy                                 

• Asher Covington

• Kate Davis

• Danny Doerr

• Marshall Gandy

• Traegan James

• Aleah Livingston

• Derreanna Lyons

• Elizabeth Madden

• Hayden Sheets

• Aidan Thomas

• Allison Flowers

• Raelynn Manac

• Ronta Watson

• Griffin Davison

• Eli McElhaney

• Ana Chesley Robinson

• Justin Wedel

• Patrick Byrd**

• Eli Covington**

• Timmy Doerr**

• Mary Ruth Dortch

• Tava Johnson

• Hannah Johnson

• Zeke McElhaney

• Quinton Odom

• Makaila Rodriguez

• Charlie Sasser

• Scottia Williams

Escambia County High School

• Zy’Kenzia Dailey

• Xamiria English

• Jacques Judd

• Juliana Miller

• Alyssia Nelson

• Trinity Gray

• Amarion Lemon

• Imari Lemon

• Caleb Shoemaker

• Chloe Dawson

• Braleigh Lambert

• Jacob Page

• Ashley Parra

• Evereona Jackson**

• Sasha Kidd                              

• Paul Martin

• Ava Penner

• Na’Asia Reynolds

• Stephen Williams 

Northview High School

• Camden Reed Borelli

• Alivia L. Brinkman

• Christian John-Ayden Callender

• Christian N. Caraway

• James L. Connors

• Asher L. Creighton

• Caley T. Daharsh

• Crimson L. Davis

• Morgan E. Driver

• Annberly G. Dunn

• Hallie C. Emmons

• Kobi D. Fiorenti

• Amy L. Floyd

• Maria V. Franco

• Brielle T. Garcia

• Hayden A. Gipson

• Ashley M. Gleason

• Michael D. Griffis

• Lori M. Hall

• Olivia D. Hall

• Presley M. Johnson

• Lacie A. Kittrell

• Kylee E. Langham

• Caleb A. Levins

• Kaylee B. Long

• Xyria H. Martin

• Mikayla G. McAnally

• Makayla L. Plato

• Dawson J. Portwood

• Daviona L. Randolph

• Kira B. Reed

• Anna C. Sanspree

• Lexi E. Smallwood

• William G. Strawbridge

• Avery M. Stuckey

• Julianna E. Tidwell

• Raleigh C. Warr

• Allison K. Yoder

• Lauren G. Abbott

• Ellie S. Adkins

• Claire M. Amerson

• Wade A. Bailey

• Kathryn A. Beasley

• Jackson B. Bridges

• Leah R. Brooks

• Tyler B. Carach

• Luke D. Chavers

• Addison A. Classen

• Stevi N. Cofield

• Elizabeth F. Coleman

• Talaysha S. Curry

• Kylie R. Davis

• Olivia E. Doyle

• Addison F. Eicher

• Savannah J. Hudson

• Keeli V. Knighten

• Kinley M. Knowles

• Anna Kunkel

• Mary E. Oliver

• Braylan H. Shelly

• Jackson C. Simmons

• Bryce R. Stabler

• Maggie S. Stewart

• Grecia Viera

• Tierney G. White

• Ayden W. Atallah

• Ashton C. Covan

• Colton R. Criswell

• Payton K. Daw

• Maddie M. Driskell

• Cody A. Geneux

• Jamison A. Gilman

• Mary C. Hughes

• Kyrie E. King

• Laura H. Laborde

• Kamryn E. Langham

• Evin A. Matlock

• Colby A. Pugh

• Brianna G. Reynolds

• Ally B. Richardson

• Lilly G. Smallwood

• Kate A. Stinson

• Lauren A. Stinson

• Jayden K. White

• Brian J. Yoder

• Rabekah D. Abbott**

• Kendall A. Alvare

• Sarah E. Bailey**

• Doria Beach**

• Chloe F. Criswell**

• Carsyn L. Dortch**

• Emma L. Doyle

• Mayson C. Edwards**

• Raleigh S. Gibson**

• Makayla J. Golson**

• Ava K. Gurganus**

• Ja’Niya I. Hooks

• Allyson B. Jones

• Darrin T. Leatherberry

• Sarah K. Long**

• Leila A. Mason

• Austin Minchew

• Jaquez K. Moorer

• Jackson J. Parker**

• Chloe A. Ragsdale

• Daniel T. Riggs**

• Wyatt A. Scruggs**

• Dequan R. Shabazz**

• Mandell L. Smith

• Julius C. St. Louis

• Skyler M. Williams**

**denotes four-year Academic All-Star

Garganus was presented the William and Mary Grissett Memorial Scholarship.