HIPPY thanks Rose

Published 9:26am Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Dear Friends,

A few years ago, Friends of Education of Escambia County was formed to enhance and support education within the county. One of our initiatives is the sponsorship of HIPPY (Home Instruction for Parents of Preschool Youngsters). From the beginning, the face of HIPPY has been our coordinator, Dianne Rose. Effective May 31, Dianne will no longer be coordinator of HIPPY Atmore; she has decided to retire. To say she will be missed is quite an understatement.

A value cannot be placed on compassion and caring. Dianne has poured her heart into HIPPY through her love and concern for each child in our program. When hired as coordinator, Dianne was told the position was part time; however, Dianne Rose never does anything halfway, and this was certainly no exception. She was often in her office after hours, even on weekends and holidays. This was not because she had failed to accomplish what needed to be done; she was there because she was doing more than what was expected.

One year, due to unforseen circumstances, one set of families was about to be assigned their third home educator for the year. Dianne took on the added role of home educator for these families, in addition to her duties as coordinator. Her concern for the continued achievement and well being of these children, and her desire to see them develop, took precedence over her personal time.

Not only did Dianne become fully immersed in HIPPY, her family joined her. The office of HIPPY Atmore ran smoothly and efficiently due to the time and efforts of Elizabeth Van Pelt, Dianne’s sister. Unassuming and quiet, Elizabeth often took HIPPY work home with her, and volunteered in countless ways to help our program grow. HIPPY Atmore is greatly indebted to Elizabeth Van Pelt for the love she shared with us. Dianne’s husband Rex and daughter Elizabeth Toney have both been on numerous errands for HIPPY Atmore. Our program has benefitted time after time as a result of their generosity and help.

Thanks to Dianne Rose, HIPPY is strong and growing in Atmore. Dianne has enriched the lives of many children and their families, with the benefits to be felt throughout the children’s school careers and beyond. HIPPY Atmore has been enriched, as well, to have had the privilege of Dianne Rose’s leadership.

Thank you, Dianne; enjoy your retirement!

Friends of Education Directors

Mary Grissett, Peggie Byrd, Nancy Helton

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