Waiting for the mail was often a real experience

In my heyday of field adjusting work and countless other jobs I performed in my younger days, I frequented the post office quite regularly. And, ... Read more

Here’s hoping the winter weather’s not too bad

As I write this column on Monday, not knowing the weather situation on Wednesday, the day The Atmore Advance is circulated, I realize I should ... Read more

Nostalgic programs would be great for Strand

Bub, Nancy and all the fine folks involved in resurrecting noir and nostalgic movies at the Strand Theatre may want to consider “Hot Seat” Saturday ... Read more

Many people have helped improve our fair city

Atmore was fortunate to have had — and to still have — great people who devoted their time and efforts to wonderful causes that made ... Read more

Frigid weather reminds me of ’93 storm

That 1993 “No Name Winter Blizzard Snow Storm” brings back a touch of nostalgia with the onset of this winter blast we are having now. ... Read more

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Opinion Columnists

Railroads have important role in Atmore’s past

Atmore has always been a railroad town. In fact, the first railroad activities occurred in the 1870s. Known as the Mobile and Montgomery Railroad, it ... Read more

Uriah had its own unique community flavor

While gathering some of my news from our archive files, I ran across some interesting news from Uriah, particularly the closing of Mixon Store in ... Read more

We’re ‘building’ a better future

Now that the weather has started to warm up, and the days are getting longer, it comes as no surprise that more and more events ... Read more

Letters to the Editor

A spcial thank you from Jacob Lisenby’s family

As I sit here in disbelief about the events that have happened these past few weeks, I cannot help but think of how blessed our ... Read more

Pastors, please help with ‘Day of Prayer’

Dear Atmore and surrounding area pastors, The Atmore Area National Day of Prayer Committee invites you to be involved in the upcoming observance of National ... Read more

Thanks for your support in our time of need

This is a long overdue thank you. My dad, James B. “Jim” Odom, passed away on Oct. 13, 2013, after a 13-year struggle with Alzheimer’s ... Read more

Thanks for making MLK events a great success

Concerned Citizens of Atmore “Unity in the Community” and the 2014 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day committee would like to give a special thanks ... Read more

Historian needs help finding photo

Dear Editor, From Sept. 14, 1966, through Nov. 24, 1966, raged the largest operation to date in Vietnam. In “Operation Attleboro,” which is named after ... Read more