Athletic Club seeks support

Published 9:06 pm Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Escambia County High School Athletic Club is looking for support and making changes as the club prepares for the upcoming school year.

The first change that is being made is the meeting time of the club.

Instead of meeting on Tuesdays, the club will meet every Monday at 6 p.m. in the Blue Devils field house at Herbert Barnes Stadium.

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Aside from the changing meeting time, the club is currently trying to put all of its resources into fundraising for the school’s athletic programs.

Blue Devils athletic director Mark Heaton said fundraising is the club’s main priority to help get funds behind the athletic programs.

“Right now, we are really focused on fundraisers,” Heaton said. “We are trying to sell draw down tickets at this point along with program ads and field signs. What I want the public to understand is we are in a tough situation right now having to do this all at one time. It’s not only tough on us, but it’s tough on businesses as well.”

With a new coach coming in and a new set of officers leading the club, organizing fundraisers will be the key.

Heaton said once the program is back on track and everyone is comfortable, fundraisers will be further apart.

“We will get the program back on track,” Heaton said. “In time when everything is caught up, and we get this rebuilt then our fundraisers will be spaced out. Everything will be structured and organized.”

Along with funds, the club is looking for the support from parents of athletes.

Marty Rolin, president of the Escambia County High School Athletic Club, said the club needs help from parents.

“We need people,” Rolin said. “We need all sports parents whether it’s baseball, softball, volleyball or any other sport, we need their help.”

Parents are needed to help with the fundraising that the club is doing.

Rolin said the support of the parents will be important in all aspects of the club’s fundraising.

“Help with fundraising is the biggest thing right now,” Rolin said. “With the draw down coming up, we need to sell those tickets. We are also going to be selling T-shirts, and something else we will be doing is charging for parking. Parents will be needed to help with all of that. It will help put funds into each sports program.”

The athletic clubs next meeting will be Monday, July 19. There will be a hotdog cookout beginning at 6 p.m. with the meeting to follow.