EA Cougars debut new uniforms

Published 9:26 pm Thursday, August 12, 2010

After playing their 2009 season in retro uniforms, the Escambia Academy Cougars finally get to put on their new Russell-made uniforms in their opener against the Sparta Warriors on Aug. 20.

The Cougars ordered uniforms prior to last season, but a weather system in the Pacific Ocean put a delay on those uniforms arriving.

Cougars head coach Heath Gibson said with those uniforms not making it, he and his team decided to go with a retro look.

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“We ordered jerseys last year, and a storm hit that company’s plant in the Philippines, so we had to go with a retro look all year,” Gibson said.

The new jerseys, which are made by Russell Athletic, bring out the best in the Cougars’ school colors.

Gibson said Russell does a good job with their jerseys and comes the closest with the colors on the uniforms.

“This year, we went with Russell because we know since they are American-based we would get our uniforms,” Gibson said. “They always do a great job with their uniforms and our cardinal color. There are so many shades of that, but theirs is the closest to our school colors.”

Instead of following a certain model for the team’s new uniforms, the Cougars ordered theirs to fit their own style.

Gibson said the idea was to have a unique look that another team would not have.

“We custom ordered the uniforms to have our own look,” Gibson said. “We went with cardinal pants this year also, which is the first time that we have had our pants that color since I have been coaching here. We also got some gold thrown on to the uniforms, to bring out our other school color more.”

Uniforms can do a lot for an athletic team on and off the field.

Sometimes, a new uniform can even be the push a team needs to succeed in their sport.

Gibson said he thinks when a team looks good they play well.

“The guys feel important in those uniforms,” Gibson said. “There’s an old saying, if you look good then you play good. It’s always good for a team to look nice because you are representing your school. I hope that these uniforms help us find more success on the football field. I think it will help boost our players’ confidence even more.”

The Cougars debut their new uniforms on Aug. 20 at home against the Sparta Warriors.

Escambia Academy Cougars, pictured from left, Robert Whatley, Jaylen Henry and Will Hendrix show off the Cougars' new home uniforms. | Photo by Chandler Myers