Academy broadcasts gaining viewers

Published 4:39 pm Saturday, September 18, 2010

Escambia Academy Cougars fans have a unique way to keep up with their team when the team’s on the road or if they are unable to make it to the game.

Fans can log on to and see a live broadcast of each game with commentary from Blaine Chastang and Robert Hendrix.

Now in their second season, Chastang and Hendrix provide play-by-play and their own antecdotes to give listeners an idea of what is occuring on the field, in the huddle and in the stands.

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Chastang, who’s son Braxton is a junior football player, said he and his counterpart really enjoy themselves.

“We love it,” Chastang said. “Robert and I really get into covering the games, and everyone that watches the game seem to enjoy it.”

The process to start the live broadcasts took place last year before the football season began when Chastang met with people who came up with the idea.

Chastang said he met with them in Linden, and immediately jumped on board.

“I met Hale Smith and Chuck Barkley from Marengo Academy who started this whole thing,” Chastang said. “They were looking for some people and schools to test it out. I went up there, they gave me a computer, a camera and a 30-minute crash course, and we were off.”

Things have gone well for the Web site, which not only broadcasts football games, but basketball games, award ceremonies and even graduation.

Chastang said he has been pleased with the amount of viewers there have been, and added that they watch from all over the world.

“The kids love it,” Chastang said. “I’ve really been pleased with how many people watch us. We’ve got people from Guam, the Philippines and Texas watching. There’s one group from Fairhope that watches us, and they don’t have any connections with the school.”

When it comes to calling games, Chastang and Hendrix have no problems showing where their alliance is.

Chastang said he and Hendrix have fun, but always root for the Cougars.

“We try to have as much fun with it as possible,” Chastang said. “We aren’t professionals by any means, and we are biased. Whatever people hear and see is live how it is at the game as we cover it.”

This year, is going further by offering DVDs for sale as well as advertising spots on their page.

Chastang said it is a great opportunity for people because the Cougars did more broadcasts last year than any other school.

“We have DVDs available for people to buy the broadcasts we’ve done,” Chastang said. “They can also download it straight to their computer. We are also doing advertising on the site with different spots available. It’s great for people to use because we did more broadcasts of events than anyone else last year.”

Check out the Cougars broadcasts on