Change full of positives

Published 11:17 pm Friday, October 28, 2011

When it comes to athletics in Atmore, there is a disconnect between the programs at Escambia County High School and Escambia County Middle School.

The high school has and always will be the Blue Devils, while the middle school has the Eagles as its mascot.

In looking around, this seems to be a rare case where the middle school’s mascot differs than the high school at which its students will eventually become enrolled.

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The differing mascots are a result of the preservation of the mascot for the old Escambia County Training School, which closed upon integration in 1970.

While keeping the Eagle as the mascot has historical significance, having the same mascot for both schools could not only help boost school spirit but also save the middle school some money, school and athletic officials have said.

If the middle school dropped the Eagles as its mascot and became the Blue Devils, that mascot would become a symbol of Atmore’s two schools coming together. Then there wouldn’t be the community having to support the Eagles, Blue Devils or both teams, but the community supporting the Blue Devils as one.

On another level, it could help the middle school financially.

Instead of having to spend money on new Eagles uniforms and equipment, when the high school upgraded their equipment, their previous supplies could be donated to the middle school.

With new, interesting designs coming out for uniforms all the time, the middle school could become the best looking middle school team in the state with a uniform that would only be a couple of years old.

They would have better equipment and field a team that would be growing and maturing as Blue Devils throughout their years in middle school and high school.

It’s been seen that the middle school players like to wear their jerseys when they attend the high school games. Would it not look good if they were walking around in a Blue Devils jersey instead of looking like they came from the Flomaton campus?

Do you believe that the schools would be better served if they were both the Blue Devils?

A poll on The Atmore Advance’s Web site has asked the question, and at press time the idea of changing the mascot — or changing it while also preserving the Eagle in some way — is winning in a landslide.

Accepting the change could be good for Atmore — and especially good for the students at both schools.


Chandler Myers is sports editor of the Atmore Advance. He can be reached at 368-2123 or by e-mail at