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A winning attitude while losing is the best

Losing isn’t always easy.

Down by several runs during the Panhandle Christian Conference regional tournament in Loxley over the weekend, the Atmore Christian Lady Rams never showed that they lost the game.

Throughout the entire contest, the Lady Rams showed that they are winners.

Throughout my many years of covering sports, I’ve seen teams buckle after falling way behind in an elimination game.

I’m always interested in seeing how the players react. Now, some players react in a negative fashion. Who wants a negative Nancy?

Some players stay stone faced and immune to their current environment, and some players begin to cry because their season is about to end.

But, there’s the one odd player that stands out above the rest.

It’s the player that has a smile on his or her face.

That’s the one I focus on during the rest of the game.

There was one such athlete during ACS’s 15-5 loss to West Florida Baptist that I couldn’t take my eyes off of.

She made it easier to watch the game and I’m sure made it easier for her teammates.

During one half inning, there was a moment when the softball went astray near the fence.

This player raced another teammate to get the ball first, laughing along the way.

While there were a few seniors on the Lady Rams’ team, I’m sure this one player with a smile on her face made things a little better.

Kudos goes to her and the rest of the Lady Rams because I know they are smiling today.