Aerospace jobs could help Atmore lift off

Published 6:52 am Wednesday, August 2, 2000

By Staff
It seems Atmore is primed for real economic and technological advancement via the industrialization of the Atmore Municipal Airport.
The airport presents a terrific opportunity for development. For instance, there aren't any obstacles to expanding the runway. The southern end of the airstrip runs into open fields, a contractor's dream. There is a cemetery on the north end that would be difficult to relocate, but by no means is it impossible.
The land has already been surveyed and separated into lots ranging from about five to seven acres in size. And with the industrial grant the city received recently to build the all-important access road, nearly all steps are in place to go ahead with construction.
But there is still one item of business that is up in the aircitizen support. Following the plan proposed by representatives of the Alabama Aerospace Development Center, Atmore would build the facilities on the lots and then lease the buildings out to companies.
Of course, the price tag associated with the construction of such large and complex structures would be a jaw-dropper, no doubt. Before the city of Atmore entered into such a long-range, large-scale loan with a bank or other financing agent, community support would have to be strong and unified.
Citizens and officials will have to weigh the options and decide if the benefits outweigh the costs. Without question, we feel industrializing the airport is a smart move for the future. A better standard of living in Atmore is the goal, and the development of the airport can be the vehicle that takes us there.
High-tech jobs would be created with the introduction of high-tech companies. These quality, high-paying jobs would offer many the opportunity to earn a decent living without having to take jobs in Mobile or Pensacola. The city's and county's economy would be buffered, and overall area morale would be strengthened.
So before dismissing the development proposal as some crackpot, politically-motivated idea, take some time to think it through. It could mean a brighter future for your city.

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