Special thanks to two angels in Atmore

Published 7:11 am Wednesday, August 9, 2000

By Staff
To the Editor:
If you read your Bible you know the verse that says "Beware you might be entertaining angels unaware."
There are two angels in our town and I would like to say thank you and God bless.
My granddaughter is barely a week old, was fretful and needed to see a doctor. All the offices were closed so my son and daughter-in-law went to the emergency room. There they received a prescription, but the baby was not able to be treated because they did not have the particular medicine in the ER. So my son rushed over to one of our local drugstores only to look eye-to-eye with the lady as she locked the door. He began to wave the prescription and try to explain through the locked door that he had a sick baby and needed the prescription filled. The lady only waved back and mouthed the words, We're closed.'
My son left upset and discouraged. He was certainly not looking forward to the night with a baby in this condition. If only she had gotten the medicine, she would have had at least a chance of easing her little body of the pain she was experiencing.
Around 9:30 p.m. I called and I could hear this tiny, precious baby crying the softest, tiny cry. She couldn't eat. Mom and dad and little brother were feeling so bad because they couldn't help her and they loved her so much. We discussed the situation and after I hung up I just kept thinking about this precious little child God had sent us. And, how she was feeling so bad because people just do not take time to help others anymore.
So in this discouraged mood I called the ER and spoke with the nurse who had helped my family. She said "Why don't you call Ken Barnett. He will come down anytime to fill a prescription."
So I did call and the voice of an angel answered. the prescription was filled and this sweet, precious baby, along with her family, had some peace knowing that our baby was certainly visited by angels unaware.
Thank you and God bless Mr. Ken Barnett at Escambia Drugstore and Michelle Respress at ACH-ER.
The family of
Sara Ashley Milliken

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