Good riddance to current school board members

Published 7:34 am Wednesday, August 16, 2000

By Staff
To the Editor:
At the end of the month a new administration will take charge of the county school system. Good riddance to the current administration. This will give the system a chance to straighten out and correct the wrongs and problems created over the past two years. The real tragedy, though, is it has taken this long for this opportunity for correction to take place.
How is it that the county school board has allowed, and therefore encouraged, such behavior? That should be investigated. Obviously, if the board is looking the other way, instead of acting and correcting, it is deliberately shirking its responsibilities and therefore is grossly negligent in its duties. Gross negligence is an impeachable offense. Deliberate gross negligence should not be tolerated.
Consider the choice the school board deliberately made. Personnel that mistreated other personnel, deliberately misused their position to threaten other personnel, refused to work with other personnel, lied about other personnel, failed to operate in the best interest of the school system, and did everything to bring recognition and glory to themselves, were protected by the Board and every effort to keep them was made. Personnel that were mistreated, threatened, lied about, worked hard for many years, worked above and beyond what was required of them, was faithful to the Board, was loyal to the Board, sought only the best interest of the school system, and did nothing to bring recognition and glory to themselves were treated like garbage by the Board. Garbage is worthless and is to be disposed of. Deliberately getting rid of years of experience and knowledge and replacing it with inexperience and lack of knowledge is what took place. By doing this the Board wants you to believe it has acted in the best interest of the school system. How is it that hard work does not pay with the school system? How is it that dedication and loyalty is not rewarded but treated like a plague by the Board. How is it that personnel longevity is irrelevant to the Board? How can the Board treat those people like garbage?
Documentation exists showing the above took place. The Christians on the Board and the ministers of the gospel on the Board were fully informed at all times of what was going on. They deliberately chose to run away valuable employees rather than show them they were valuable and protect them. The scouts teach their leaders that you cannot teach what you do not know. What message could those ministers of the gospel give from the pulpit that is worth hearing?
Tobbie Ricks

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