BOE search not thorough

Published 8:18 am Wednesday, August 30, 2000

By Staff
To the Editor:
I have several questions to ask the present school board of four: Why would you ask the people of this county to believe that you were searching for a superintendent when you had no intentions of selecting anyone of those men? (No white women/no blacks) Why would you have us believe that this was a thorough search and you came up with the best qualified person? Why did you spend thousands of dollars for a search that you had completed long before I saw it in the newspaper that Mr. Powell would be the superintendent? I'm not psychic if that crossed your mind. I feel that everyone in the county already knew. It was not a surprise that Mr. Powell received the job; it's not a surprise that you could have perpetrated a fraud on this county by spending our tax dollars for nothing. It was always known that this was going to happen. We also know who will be the principal at Rachel Patterson and if someone else is chosen I might be surprised, but I doubt it. Taking a passage from the interview that Mr. Powell gave the newspaper on Sunday: "We will not say do this and do that," "We wouldn't do something the principal doesn't want and will force it on them. We will do the things the community and the school want to do." Now we have heard the same thing that those few wanted in the first place and also stated in the Mobile Press on Saturday. It's obvious that the community had no say in this decision because 4,209 people didn't want another superintendent and I feel that another petition will prove that there are more than that now. I want the schools to do better, I want the best education possible for all children, I want the parents to feel that their kids are very important to the teachers and that they will lead by example. Parents, you should be the role model for your children; take a day out of your busy schedule and go out to the school and help that teacher, find out what your child is doing. Take back your child before the system takes him and you'll be saying "I don't know what went wrong." Stop letting some one else tell you that your child won't make it. You know your child better than they do show him/her that it's no shame in being kind and respectful to everyone, even themselves. It's no shame saying thank you or please. We don't need ebonics. We need proper English and grammar to get far in this world. You can't get a job if you can't spell job. Dress and look for success….. Mr. Powell your priority should be on getting a principal for the high school because if you talk to those kids you find that they are lost and some of them are just hanging on by a thread. Their world has been disrupted and they are taking it out on the few teachers who are left over there. With no counselor, substitutes, and over crowding in some classroom you are making a bad situation worse than it should be.
Patricia A. Reynolds

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