Subscriber wants fairer coverage of news

Published 8:37 am Wednesday, September 6, 2000

By Staff
To the Editor:
Enclosed please find a check for the reinstatement of my Atmore Advance subscription. It is with some misgiving that I am pursuing this endeavor.
Last spring I cancelled my subscription due to the coverage you chose to give local happenings. I feel that local news is very important to any community, but that it should be handled in a fair way – with the whole story truthfully expressed.
When certain newsworthy items were announced, it seemed only fair that the "rest" of the story should be presented as events happen. When people make comments about situations after a lapse of time, I feel that you should find out the reason for the delay before printing questioning remarks.
I am choosing to reinstate this subscription for news and information on the local level to keep informed of the successes, etc. of local people. As a newly retired teacher and a former resident of Atmore for many years, I would like to keep abreast of happenings of former friends and students.
I would also like to be informed correctly of "front page" news. In reinstating, I reserve the option to cancel at any time when your effort does not seem to fulfill the accepted, trusted duty of a public servant.
Claudette S. Nix

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