Call for citizens to save public education

Published 9:21 am Wednesday, September 27, 2000

By Staff
To the editor:
Nothing in this letter is to be construed to mean anything different than what it says. I intend to say exactly what I mean, and I will use no means of the Delphi Analysts System to confuse the public of what I really mean, unlike our government's education reform system.
An article in the Mobile Register Sept. 14 edition states that a Mobile student fired a gun on the campus of Prichard's Vigor High School on Wednesday, and hours after the incident, Gov. Don Siegelman joined legislators to release a report outlining steps the state should take to decrease school violence.
How convenient it must be for our governor to implement a report they have been working on for a year and a half.
Vigor High School has a video surveillance system, hand held metal detectors, a contracted uniformed security officer, and a school resource officer. Now what else can the school do to prevent a student from coming to school with bad intentions, short of putting up a 10-foot fence with armed guard towers, and strip search entry before going to class.
They say these incidents are because of decreased communications between community educational organizations, state officials, law enforcement, and schools. Once again, how convenient that all these organizations are the sole mandated system of Goals 2000 Education Reform System.
The goal of the system is to infuse imperceptibly that students are to be controlled under fear of the consequences. And I am not talking about just students bringing guns to school. The system uses these severe incidents to instill all of their Communist agendas.
Initiative Number 7 of the final report from Gov. Siegelman states, "A Media Summit" should be held so that the media can become a contributing factor in the prevention of school violence. The goal under the Delphi System is to flash over every TV station, all the violence in school to offset the conflict from the coming agendas. The conflict of agendas is that of parents who oppose uniforms and have problems with all the coming regulations of school security short of turning our schools into education prisons. Your children and mine are presently being told to shut up and be quiet when walking from one class to another, and walk in a straight line, and stay in line. To some degree, this has to be depleting the students' self-esteem. At what point in the school day can the students be sociable with each other? Even when the let out bell has rung and students are waiting to be picked up by parents, the fear of consequences keeps these students in line for the system of total control.
Initiative Number 2 states that school counselors should be given more time away from paperwork to deal with non-academic concerns. The first statement here is academics should be the schools only concern. But initiative Number 2's solution is initiative Number 4 that states that there should be more school-based social workers in the system.
In a system that reveals "One Hand Feeds the Other," the counselor's hand feeds the social worker's, and in turn the social worker will feed the psychologist, and the psychologist starts psychological testing and treatment. And now you can say welcome to the system of the school-based health clinics, or better called socialized medicine.
And with a system of socialized medicine comes in-home visits by a school-based social worker to analyze the students' living conditions, family, and the methods the parents use to raise the child. Is it our government's right to interfere with the moral rights of the family? We send our children to school to get an education and not to invite our government's social workers to infringe on our family life.
Before you sit in judgment that the previous opinion will never happen to your family, you must first understand that initiative Number 5 reads: Juvenile records laws need to be expanded to give more schools more information about students and their families. Juvenile records laws are just another stepping stone for government agencies to invade your home to attain all the other information they need to determine your child and your family to be at-risk. And all the information that comes from these records are distributed to all the counselors and school-based social workers for all to read. Talk about invasion of privacy.
Initiative Number 6 of Gov. Siegelman's report reads: Programs like pre-kindergarten, character education, Boys and Girls Club of Alabama and the Southern Poverty Law Center's "Teaching Tolerances" curriculum should be increasingly utilized and recognized by school systems across the state.
Preschool programs are not new programs by any means. In fact we can go back to 1965 when Dwight D. Eisenhower introduced the Elementary and Secondary Education Act of l965. In this act, the "Head Start" program was to be implemented across the nation. At present we are 35 years, and still do not have a firm institution involving "Head Start." Why? Because nobody wants the invasion of their home that the guidelines stipulate.
Preschool programs can be good 'vehicles" to kick-start children in a direction of firm and fair educational learning, but the problem lies in the invasion on the family, and the private lives of the individual in the home of the students being taught. They do not need to concern themselves with my personal income, or my personal needs, or my personal living techniques.
No issue in America today is more important than the education issue. This is a call for all Americans to join in an effort to save the 89 percent of children who attend public schools from the evil plans of those who are using our tax dollars to teach all children from cradle to grave that parents are irrelevant and their savior is the government, that the government will be their baby-sitter, their nanny, their doctor, their nurse, their psychiatrist, and their employment agency. Our goal must be to teach all children to read, and to know about our great American heritage, and to be educated to fulfill their individual God-given potential.
Randy Freeman

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