Do the right thing when you go to polls

Published 10:31 am Wednesday, November 1, 2000

By Staff
To the editor:
The way we vote says a lot about our hearts. If we have the love of God in our hearts, there is no way that we can vote for someone that supports abortion. Jesus said, "Suffer the little children to come unto me, for of such is the kingdom of heaven."
When Pilot asked who the people wanted to have released, the scribes, pharisees, and most of the people called out Barabbas. They chose to release the guilty and to put to death the innocent (Jesus). When you vote for abortion, you take part in the deaths of innocent children. You are just as guilty as the doctor that takes these innocent lives. You are saying release Barabbas, kill the innocent.
Some women keep saying, "It's my body". At the point of conception, the body inside the woman is a unique individual. This individual is not her body, but is her offspring. What kind of person wants to kill their own child? Some people want to save the spotted owl, butterflies and other animals, but they say it is okay to kill our own. As the teenagers say, "get real".
One of God's ten commandments is "do not kill". We look back at Hitler and condemn him for killing tens of thousands of Jews. Yet some (who call themselves Christians) go to the polls and elect politicians that support abortion. Abortion kills over a million unborn babies each year.
When Mary approached Sarah, John leaped for joy in Sarah's womb. God's word tells us that he knows us before we are conceived in the womb. How many preachers and missionaries have been put to death since Roe v. Wade went into effect.
Most people vote for a certain politician because of something that he has promised that will help them. I hope and pray that I will never be so selfish as to vote for someone for my own personal gain at the expense of the innocent. Personal gain won't benefit anyone on judgment day.
When a person drives a getaway car for a robbery, they are just as guilty as the ones that held the guns and took the money. When we vote for someone who supports abortion, we are just as guilty as the politician, the woman having the abortion done and the doctor taking the life of the innocent child.
Christians should never support anyone or anything that they know is wrong. To vote for someone who supports abortion is to take part in the taking off innocent lives.
People ask why so many terrible things are happening in America such as: school killings, wild fires, floods, droughts and diseases. What do expect when prayer is removed from our schools and our daily lives. Most people vote for politicians who have no character. This is why we have so much corruption in our schools, homes and government. What do you expect when God's word is vetoed by the laws of politicians whom we elect. We must do our best to elect men and women of honor and integrity.
Remember one thing when you vote: you will stand before God on judgment day. In your heart, you know it is wrong to support the killing of children. God's word says it is wrong and we will be held accountable. Wrong is wrong and right is right. Always do that which is right. Pray before you vote. Do what Jesus would do. Jesus loves little children. The word "Christian" means Christ like. We need to be more like Christ.
Think before you vote.
Clinton L Chavers
Walnut Hill

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