Atmore man faces attempted murder charges

Published 10:50 am Thursday, November 9, 2000

Advance Staff Writer
An Atmore man is scheduled to stand trial for three counts of attempted murder when criminal court convenes in December.
Shelton McKenzie was arrested and charged following an incident at the Chick-A-Dee on Carver Avenue on Oct. 3, 1999. According to Assistant District Attorney Steve Billy, all three counts came from one incident when McKenzie allegedly fired shots in the club's parking lot.
Atmore Police Chief Danny McKinley said police responded to shots fired just after midnight on Oct. 3. The victim told police he was at the Chick-A-Dee when he saw his girlfriend sitting in a car in the parking lot. He went over to talk to her and discovered that McKenzie was in the car with her. McKenzie and the victim exchanged words. McKenzie pulled out a gun and began firing. No one was hit. There was damage to vehicles.
McKenzie's trial is set for Dec. 5.
A Brewton woman also will face attempted murder charges next month. According to Billy, Barbara Jean Jones was with her husband, Emmett Jones, on April 12, 1997 when he shot another man. Barbara Jones allegedly was driving the car and Emmett Jones fired the shots. The victim was shot in the face and chest. Emmett Jones has been sentenced to 20 years.
Barbara Jones' trial is set for Dec. 4.
The following is a list of other cases on the December 21st judicial circuit criminal docket:
Monday, Dec. 4
Darrel Campbell, robbery first degree; Derrick Hudson, robbery first degree; Demetric Watson, four counts of robbery first degree; Vernon Richardson, robbery first degree;
Chesley Darrin Hammac, two counts of rape second degree; Barbara Jean Jones, attempted murder; Martin Harvey, burglary first degree, burglary third degree; Gary Hetherington, four counts of robbery first degree; Ashley Riley, rape second degree; Virgil Rogers, unlawful possession of a forged instrument (UPFI); Janice E. McCall, fraudulent leasing; John Quick, escape third degree; Nick R. Quick, burglary third degree;
Tuesday, Dec. 5
Milton Knight, shooting into unoccupied vehicle; Ricky Gibson, receiving stolen property (RSP) second degree; Charles M. Thornton, assault second degree; Robert Jeffery Andrews, DUI;
Alvin Lewis, sexual abuse first degree; Walter Hodges, escape third degree, criminal mischief first degree; Shelton McKenzie, three counts of attempted murder; Jennifer Windham, willful torture abuse; James Gray Jr., attempted rape first degree; Daniel Keith Griffith, breaking and entering (B/E) auto; James Byrd, assault second degree; Robert E. Lee, escape third degree; Tobias Hall, escape first degree.
Wednesday, Dec. 6
Kevin Lee Watson, assault second degree; Willie E. McCants, DUI-felony; Rex Wayne Allen, DUI; Thomas Amos, DUI, running red light (Atmore City appeal);
Gregory Johnson, theft of property (TOP) first degree; Victor Eugene Rushing, two counts of receiving stolen property (RSP) second degree, RSP first degree; Zolar Carter, RSP second degree; Betty J. McCreary, three counts of UPFI; Greg Freeman, two counts UPFI, unlawful possession of credit card; Frank Carmichael, unauthorized use of vehicle; Elizabeth Jackson, RSP second degree.
Thursday, Dec. 7
Luther Frank Kelley, unlawful distribution of controlled substance (UDCS), unlawful possession of controlled substance (UPCS); Eddie J. Denson, UDCS, UPCS; Anthony O. Jordan, UDCS, UPCS; Tom Lee Thomas, unlawful possession of marijuana (UPM), UPCS; April Rutledge, UPM, unlawful possession of drug paraphernalia, (UPDP); Jimmy Merchant, UPCS, UPDP; Rita Turk, UPM, unlawful distribution of marijuana (UDM); Jennifer Davis, two counts of assault second degree; Eddie Davis, assault second degree; Norman B. Robinson, DUI, speeding (Brewton city appeal);
Bernie Kimmons, UPCS, UPDP; Wendall M. Rudolph, UPM first degree, UPCS; Linda Knight, UPM first degree; John Craft, three counts of UDCS, three counts of UPCS, UPM second degree; Sherry S. Ewing, UDCS, UPCS; Rhonda M. Joiner, UPDP, two counts of UPCS, resisting arrest; Robert Lee Jr., UPCS; Jerry D. Jones, UPCS, UPDP; Jewel Lee Pettway, UDCS, UPCS; Christopher O. Brown, UPM first degree; Charles Jones, UPCS; John Wesley Brodie, UPM first degree; Loretta McCulloch, UPM second degree.
Friday, Dec. 8
Stanley O. Tharpe, TOP second degree; Michael Heritage, theft second degree; Arlicia Benjamin, criminial mischief first degree; Norma Jean Dillashaw, DUI, failure to stop (Brewton City appeal);
Derrick Gross, B/E vehicle, two counts of UPFI; Jeffery Kiser, harassment (Brewton City appeal); Wayne O. Howard, UPFI first degree, robbery third degree, UPFI second degree, burglary third degree.

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