Council hires assistant police chief

Published 10:59 am Wednesday, November 15, 2000

Advance Staff Writer
The Atmore City Council voted Tuesday to hire Donnie Nunnley as assistant police chief.
Chief Danny McKinley made the recommendation to the council following a brief executive session.
With that, he announced that Nunnley will start Dec. 4 as assistant chief.
Nunnley has worked in California, with the Flomaton Police Department and with the Escambia County Sheriff's Department.
The council vote was unanimous.
In other business, the council
adopted Resolution 011-00 concerning Addie Daniels' mortgage cancellation. In 1983 and 1984, a program furnished funds for residents to remodel their homes, Shell explained. When the mortgage is paid off, federal law requires the council to adopt a resolution stating that the mortgate is satisfied.
appointed Ray Bolden to the Airport Committee to replace Tommy Boothe whose term expired.
announced a vacancy on the Library Board. Jane Corman's term is expiring. Mayor Howard Shell said members of the board have requested that Corman be reappointed.
approved a parade request by Judy Pylate, chairman of Christmas parade committee. Two parades will be held on Dec. 2. A children's parade will begin at 1:30 p.m. at the American Legion building and proceed down Main Street and over to city hall. The second will begin at city hall at 5 p.m., go down Main Street and over to Escambia County High School.
heard a request from Shell that the council consider changing the city employees' holiday schedule. According to a city ordinance, the city takes off Monday when a holiday falls on the weekend. Shell wants to look at the current schedule and bring it more in line with county and school schedules.
heard a public statement from Shell that the city will participate in the Industrial Development Authority. Under the previous administration, the city had pulled out of the county-wide authority. Shell said that beginning in January, the city will be back in full participation. The city's contribution to the authority is $15,000 to $20,000 a year.
heard a request from Crystal McDonald asking the city to restripe the intersection at Rocky Creek Road and Highway 31. Shell said several intersections, including this one, are on a list to be restriped.
congratulated City Clerk Becca Smith on completing a six-year program and attaining clerk certification. The council approved a pay increase following the announcement.
A parent's question during Tuesday's Atmore City Council meeting triggered a discussion concerning Escambia County High School.
Willie Hawthorne said he has been hearing a lot of talk about the condition of schools deteriorating, that parents are taking their children out of ECHS, that there is gang activity, and that students are afraid to go to school.
Principal Jerry Smith and Superintendent of Education Buck Powell were at the council meeting to hear a discussion concerning the Atmore Revenue Commission.
Hawthorne said Police Chief Danny McKinley, Powell and Smith should be able to tell them if there is any truth to the rumors.
Powell said two families got "into a squabble" and have gotten into two fights at school.
Powell said he has given no one permission to enroll in schools out of district. He said that some claim they have moved and are attending other schools.
Mayor Howard Shell said that since the subject was being addressed at a council meeting, he wanted to add that he agreed with Powell.
Turning his comments to the media, Shell said, "We're trying to move Atmore ahead. Be fair and equitable. I don't want to hamstring you, but what you say does not stop in this town."
Shell said congressmen in Washington have people who read the hometown newspapers and brief them on events at home. He said those congressmen will sometimes comment on a problem or something positive like a Christmas parade the community turns out for.
He encouraged everyone to help the principals and the schools.
Powell invited the council to visit the schools.
Shell said he visits the school and has lunch with his wife.
Addressing the media again, Shell said, "Evaluate your stories and read them. Tell the truth but it can be told in such a way that it can be positive. We don't need any negatives."

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