Mosley on top of AISA tackle list

Published 11:08 am Wednesday, November 15, 2000

Advance Publisher
It seems he's saved his best for last.
Rob Mosley, a senior at Escambia Academy, started school at EA when he was a K-4 student.
He was there when they opened the new high school, the new softball field, the new fence around the football field, the new playground, the new gym and now the new track.
This year Mosley created a place for himself in Escambia Academy history by ending the regular season with the most tackles of any AISA defender.
As linebacker for EA, Mosley contributed 107 solo tackles and 29 assists this season for the Cougars.
Mosley said although the Cougars didn't have the greatest record this season, his senior season will always hold fond memories because of his accomplishment.
Mosley said everything is about team work for the Cougars.
Mosley said his parents have always been big supporters. "They've made everyone of my games from football to T-ball," he said.
Mosley said his relationship with the coaching staff at EA has also helped him.
Although having 136 tackles in one season is something Mosley says he will never forget, it's the relationships and friendships with his teammates that mean the most to him.

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