Many people touched the life of Tony Albert

Published 11:52 am Wednesday, December 6, 2000

By Staff
To the editor:
We recently had an emergency and headed for Atmore Community Hospital. If I had any doubts about the service provided before arriving there, they all quickly dissipated.
In the emergency room Debbie Rutherford, Renee Mura and Dr. Spiro did such a professional job. Then Brent, Suzanne McGill and the respiratory therapist in ICU administering professional care and answering questions. They were all "first class."
Dr. Salter came in and talked with us, and thought that Tony's heart doctor should take over, so she ordered the ambulance for transport to Mobile. I often wonder what Atmore would do without Dr. Salter – I think we would be in big trouble!
Two very caring ambulance attendants, after arriving in Mobile, asked if there was anything back in Atmore that they could take care of for us – the driver said "we like to take care of our own, you know."
Everything at Atmore Community Hospital was so professional and friendly including Sara, the volunteer, and the maintenance people, I just want to thank all of you again. Also, Father Dane, Father Cunningham, Father Deasy and Father Folsom for the spiritual guidance. To Rev. Kelly Brown and Rev. Don Davis for your visits to the house, thank you.
Tony has gone to a far better place where there's no more hurting and no more pain. He was such a very caring, gentle man and we will miss him very much.
Thanks to all of you who touched his life.
Dorothy Albert

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